A Change to the Safari Extension

2019 Changes and Updates to Safari

For those of you who use LastPass through our Safari extension, we need your attention. Apple has implemented a change in how they handle Safari extensions. Previously, a Safari user could simply download an extension and use it in their browser. Now Apple is requiring users to download and install a Mac App to get the extension.

What this means for you

If you use Safari, the good news is you can continue to use the browser extension as you always have. The new version will simply open as an application on your desktop and run in the background. But the browser extension will still appear in the top of your browser bar.

Next steps

To keep your browser extension working as usual – please download the required app from our site. The steps are highlighted below – and you will also be prompted to complete each step.

  1. Download app here
  2. Install and run the app
  3. Login to the app
  4. Enable it in Safari – in the Preferences/ Extensions.

Installing this new version will uninstall the old one. Click here for more detailed instructions. 

Once you complete the above steps, you are good to go! Just keep using LastPass and Safari together.

If you have questions, please submit a ticket here and our support team can help.


  • rick says:

    hello the app is not supported on mac osx 10.11.6 please help

    • Leah Bachmann says:

      Hi Rick,
      The Legacy Safari Extension will continue to work but will no longer receive updates. Apple has stopped accepting updates for Legacy Extensions. We recommend updating to a supported OS version if possible.


  • Paul Wainwright says:

    when I tried to install this update it say I already have a new version.

    • Leah Bachmann says:

      Hi Paul,
      Please do click “Replace” in this case. While the “modified” date on the existing one may be newer, the “version number” is actually newer on this update.


  • Tom Perkins says:

    This app is not compatible with El Capitan. Will the existing LastPass extension continue to work?

    • Leah Bachmann says:

      Hi Tom,
      Yes, it will continue to work but will no longer receive updates. Apple has stopped accepting updates for Legacy Extensions. We recommend updating to a supported OS version if possible.


  • Mark Harman says:

    I followed the directions above to the tee. The Last Pass extension did not update to 4.22.0. My LastPass Extension in my Safari 12.0.2 web browser is still It still no worky. I tried multiple user accounts as well. I am one an iMac made in Mid 2010 running OS 10.13.6

    On the positive note.. My mid-2015 MacBook Air updated the LastPass Extension to 4.22.0 with no problems. Safari is 12.0,2 and OS 10.13.6.

    Any help is appreciated!

    • Leah Bachmann says:

      Hi Mark,
      Our product team suggested you try the following:
      In Safari > Preferences > Extensions, what does it show on the iMac where it didn’t update?
      If it shows both 4.19 and 4.22, uninstall 4.19 and enabled 4.22.
      If it shows only 4.19 and does not show 4.22, then try the following (if you haven’t yet):
      – Quit Safari
      – Make sure the new LastPass app is in your Applications folder
      – Open the LastPass app
      – Log in
      – Open Safari
      – Open Safari > Preferences > Extensions. Opening the LastPass app triggers the update so 4.22 should be there at this point.

      If that doesn’t work could you please submit a ticket and mention my name and that I would like to be in touch with you to help resolve this problem. https://lastpass.com/supportticket.php?lpnorefresh=1


  • Carlos Suarez Doriga says:

    Does this new version have the binary component (full version)?

    • Leah Bachmann says:

      Hi Carlos,
      This version has the binary component built-in. That is, attachments work without an additional installation. However, it does not yet act as the binary component for other clients, e.g. LastPass Chrome Extension. This will come in a future version.


  • Dries Oeyen says:

    Do you have a strategy for migrating all active users of the legacy Safari extension?
    It seems unlikely that any but the most dedicated LastPass users will ever see this blog post, which makes me wonder what happens to those who don’t upgrade manually.

    • Leah Bachmann says:

      Hi Dries,
      We will be alerting users with an in-app message when they need to make the update. Thanks for your help.