New Research Finds Industry Requirements Shape Identity and Access Management Strategies

Identity and access management (IAM) technologies securely connect employees to the business resources required for their role – whether employees are working in the office or remote. However, every industry and business within an industry is unique. Every organization needs an IAM strategy to securely manage their employee identities, but each vertical’s business model, associated risks and organizational priorities differ. All of these factors come together to raise the question: how do industry requirements shape an organization’s IAM strategy?  

We partnered with Vanson Bourne to understand how IT and security professionals across a variety of industries including finance, IT and media are managing their IAM programs. In the new report, An Industry-Driven View of Identity and Access Management, we evaluate market data to see how IAM trends vary by sector, review how those trends impact IAM requirements and offer actionable recommendations for each vertical to optimize their IAM strategy in the coming year.  

Finance is focused on reducing risk 

Financial service organizations deal with some of the most sensitive data in the business: money. According to the new 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 86% of data breaches are financially motivated, which means finance is dealing with higher stakes than most industries and face stronger compliance requirements as a result. But we found that 35% of financial service organizations have had hackers gain access to their organization, so there is room for improvement. What can finance do to reduce risk through their IAM strategy? 

IT is focused on securing data 

Information technology (IT) organizations are managing an immense amount of data – their own data, and their customer’s especially if they are SaaS. This close relationship to data and technology has a direct impact on IT’s IAM program, as 77% responded that securing data is their top IAM priority. What steps can IT take to improve the security of their organization, without adding too much friction to the login experience that gets in the way of employee’s work?

Media is focused on secure access 

The media industry works with consultants, employees and contractors, which leads to a wide array of users, both internally and externally, accessing business resources. This diverse set of users ultimately complicates IAM. It’s no surprise then that managing user access is ranked as a priority in the media industry (34%) over 3 times higher than it is across other industries (9%). How can media ensure simple and secure access, so all employees always have the access they need? 

A one-size-fits-all approach to IAM doesn’t work  

If one thing from the research is clear, it’s that every industry differs, and therefore every industry’s IAM strategy differs as well.  

Discover the full impact of how industry requirements shape IAM strategies in the new report An Industry-Driven View of Identity and Access Management.