How We’re Making It Easier to Generate Passwords 

When you’re getting started with a password manager, the first step is adding your accounts and passwords so they’re organized in one safe place. But as any long-time LastPass user will tell you, the true magic starts happening when you use the LastPass password generator. 

“LastPass has changed my digital life, and enables me to manage over 209 unique passwords. I don’t even think about it, or want to know what my passwords are. I know my digital life is secure,” said one longtime Premium user in a recent survey. We couldn’t have said it better. By helping LastPass users create unique passwords for every single account, we’re giving our users confidence in their online security and peace of mind about their digital life. And that’s life-changing! 

Over the coming months, we’re rolling out a new and improved experience that makes it even easier to get these benefits from LastPass. And one of the areas we’re focused on improving is the password generator. Because when you can rely on your password generator for quick, easy, and strong passwords, you know you can do password security right. 

New Look for the Password Generator 

Our refreshed password generator is sporting a new design. You’ll see a pared down dialog with access to the core options you need. The “fill password” option is one click away, so you can preview the password you want to use and let LastPass enter it into the field for you. You can now click the “copy” icon to quickly copy the password to the clipboard, or use the “refresh” icon to create another new password.  

Want more? Click “show options” to adjust the password length and the types of characters in the password. We’ll even remember your preferred password complexity settings so you don’t have to adjust again for the next website.   

Introducing Password Generator History 

Websites come in all flavors, and that means a tremendous amount of variability when it comes to login fields and password forms. We’ve continued to refine our algorithms over the years, so we can accurately capture and store passwords on all your sites.

Even so, there are occasionally times when a website truncates a password you’ve generated with LastPass, or fails to signal that a password was updated successfully. And if you’ve used LastPass to create that new 20-character password, you definitely want to make sure you’ve got the right one stored in your vault! 

That’s where the new password history comes in. If something goes awry, you can always check the history in the password generator to see all recently-generated passwords. Not only can you see the passwords in chronological order, you can mouse over them to copy-paste if you need to reuse or capture any of them to re-enter on the website or store in the vault.  

As we mentioned in our announcement, we’ve been rolling out these enhancements to users, and we can’t wait to get it in everyone’s hands. Keep sharing your feedback and stay tuned for more! 


  • Nate says:

    *Finally*. This was a huge problem – I would generate passwords that Lastpass wouldn’t capture, or the site would do something weird to my password, and the generated ones would just vanish into the ether. This is a much appreciated and needed enhancement!

  • Kaye Woodrum says:

    This is something that will cut our tIme in half, and the best part is we don’t have to remember them. Thanks!

  • Kaye Woodrum says:

    The more I read, the better it gets. It is like Last pass is in our heads and knows exactly what we wish we had, and then, there it is. Thank you!

  • Ben says:

    Loving the enhancements, but I’m still waiting for the redesign when is that coming?

  • John lake says:

    Great updates.I live the HISTORY part