LastPass Now Verified in Firefox 43

By December 16, 2015 Product Updates 10 Comments

Hey Firefox users! You may have noticed that with the latest update to Firefox 43, extensions must now be “verified” in order to be enabled in the browser. Upon restarting Firefox, you may have noticed that LastPass was disabled with a warning about not being verified:


Good news: LastPass is verified when you download the latest version from the Mozilla addons store (AMO). All you need to do is remove the version of LastPass you have installed from your extensions panel (Firefox Tools menu > Addons > Extensions tab) and then install LastPass directly from AMO here:

Firefox is now requiring that all extensions be signed in an ongoing effort to fight malware and protect its users. 


  • That’s great!
    I’m a big fan of LastPass and expect you guys to keep doing things to protect people like me. I’ve just updated my phone number for the new SMS Account Recovery feature and am really excited about it. But there’s an issue I’ve facing since I joined LastPass.
    I’m using a free account. And honestly, you can take me as a technologically-challenged person. I don’t use smartphone. So the only option I’m left with for activating multifactor authentication is to sign up with Duo Security. But every time I try to sign up with them, there comes an error. I’ve tried this multiple times and with many browsers over a span of no less than one year. Even their support team could not resolve my issue.
    I’m not sure if anyone else from Pakistan is facing this issue, but I’d very thankful if LastPass could add another SMS verification service for multifactor authentication via SMS.
    If you don’t, by the way, I’ll still be a fan of yours! :)

  • Lucas says:

    Hi there!
    Even downloading from Mozilla, it doesn’t get installed (same error).
    Using Firefox 43.0.2
    Windows 8.1 Pro 64bits
    Wait suggestions!
    (leaving comment in the forum too).

  • Gustavo Bonato says:

    Still not working for me. It’s really annoying. I have paid to use this service, but I will give up on Lastpass. Lastpass tech support is arrogant and badly trainned. I informed this issue and I was laughed at. Later, they have to admit there was an issue with FF43. But Lastpass still doesn’t take responsibility for its crappy addon.

  • Kami Evarts says:

    I tried to install this extension, and it looked like it was installing, but it’s not there when I look at my installed extensions. No error, it’s just missing. Wondering whether anyone else has run into this?