LastPass Adds Biometric Security on the Samsung Galaxy S5

By April 29, 2014 Mobile 56 Comments

LastPass users now have the ability to access the Android app securely and quickly with the swipe of a finger!

The updated version of LastPass’ Android app leverages the Galaxy S5’s fingerprint sensor for a faster, more secure way to login to accounts.

After initially logging into LastPass, users will be able to access stored password information with a swipe of their finger. Instead of typing in their master password each time, any time a user is prompted for their password or PIN, they will have the option to quickly unlock secure information using only their fingerprint.

The LastPass Android app is part of the LastPass Premium service and the update is already available for download on the Google Play Store.


  • Taj Trip says:

    I had to restart my phone several times because the fingerprint bar would show up and never go away, taking up large amount of screen area and overlapping the keyboard.

  • dicegeorge says:

    Is it possible to set it up to need both a fingerprint and a short (memorable) password or pin (keeping a longer password for if the fingerprint fails)

  • Hi, is the premium android app compatible with the samsung galaxy tab s5?
    It is crashing when downloading this app.


  • Please add support for fingerprint scanning w/ the HTC One Max

  • Rida Ali says:

    I am using LastPass google chrome addon and cool to know if its work for S5 too. I wish if it could work on Samsung Galaxy S6 too for which we all are waiting for 2015 :)

  • NDuke says:

    I just got my Galaxy S5. The phone has no problem recognizing my fingerprinton the lock screen but LastPass never seems to recognize it for the PIN. Essentially it fails to read it a few times and then logs me out of LastPass and makes me enter my password again.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m on a Galaxy S5 using the updated version of LastPass (I was evaluating before purchase) but I still occassionally get the grey overlay stuck at the bottom of my screen and have to restart the device to get rid of it. I only installed LastPass yesterday and this has happened twice.

  • Brad G says:

    When trying to install the update, I got an error: Unknown error code during application install: “919”

  • Anonymous says:

    Actually, the fingerprint scanner is the worst security anyone can implement. It has been shown time and again, how easy it is to obtain fingerprint fraudulently.

    LastPass: Here is a feature idea. Allow users to create an optional “under duress” password and PIN (on Android/iPhone) in addition to normal password. When the “under duress” password is entered, all the user’s password data, secure notes etc. should be permanently and irretrievably wiped out without any prompts.

  • Anonymous says:

    I use Galaxy Note 2 which does not have fingerprint scanner. Since yesterday, I had to restart my phone several times because the fingerprint bar would show up and never go away, taking up large amount of screen area and overlapping the keyboard. This morning, sick of restarting my phone, I Googled the issue and found that LastPass was the culprit.

    Of late, LastPass is trying to add functionality but instead of helping out with filling passwords, LastPass creates more problems by trying to gain control of the passwords entering process.

    I have been a premium customer for several years but now I am forced to look at alternatives.

    • Amber Gott says:

      Apologies for the inconvenience, this should already be fixed with our update to the app – please update from the Play Store and let us know if any problems reappear.

  • Tracy S says:

    This scared me to death – there’s no documentation anywhere EXCEPT this blog post that I can find. I had no idea what it was and couldn’t type on the keyboard. I’m a Galaxy S4 user seeing it this morning. I’ll update asap to remove.

    • Tracy S says:

      My point on the last post is maybe the icon should indicate it is LASTPASS somewhere. I searched for hours for a possible android virus or malware. Finally stumbled on this blog post and saw the same icon.

    • Amber Gott says:

      Hi Tracy: Thank you for the feedback, I’ll pass the suggestion to our developers. Please let us know if any problems have reappeared after updating?

  • ckg says:

    Fingerprint is the something you have/are, not the something you know.

    Worse, though, you broke the app on nexus 5! This is horrible, I cannot use the bottom portion of my screen and must stop fingerprint service. There’s no knob to turn this off. Bad LastPass, bad dog.

  • Anonymous says:

    What we see repeatedly from Lastpass is poor execution, with inadequately-tested updates being pushed out only to be tested by unwitting users who then have a useability crisis. Every significant update from Lastpass over the past few years have been characterised by this.

    I have a premium combination account to support Xmarks, and I encourage my clients to pay for premium also, but I just cannot recommend to clients to actually use Lastpass when these bad experiences repeat with every release.

    I have enough trouble supporting my clients without their calling me every time Lastpass makes another error of judgement.

    There are lots of password managers out there, and the useability and reliability of Lastpass pulls its ranking down.

    Please, try to increase quality and reliability. You will get more customers. And they might be happier.

    • Amber Gott says:

      Thank you for the honest feedback, we’ll continue to make positive improvements and hope our changes address these concerns going forward.

  • Unknown says:

    Useless and intrusive fingerprint bar blocking onscreen keyboard on Nexus 10 & Samsung GS4.
    LASTPASS: please fix this so the user can only manually enable it ON DEVICES THAT HAVE A FINGERPRINT SCANNER!

  • OK, great feature…. but why on earth it started appearing on my …S4..? I had been scratching my head for quite a while before I figured out the fingerprint icon on the bottom of the screen came from LastPass. There was no way to get rid of it other that killing LastPass. :(

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I’m getting this on my S4: forces me to reboot as there’s no way to remove it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Showing up on my HTC one M8 as well. Since the M8 doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor, this is annoying as hell.

  • Tash Hepting says:

    So that’s what the weird fingerprint thingy on my Moto-X is. Lastpass, fix this quickly, it’s driving me nuts.

  • Joel Slowik says:

    is this using similar technology as iPhones fingerprint reader? If so, would something similar come down the pipe for iPhone users? or am I completely misunderstanding what this feature is supposed to be?

  • Anonymous says:

    Yep nexus 7 toocan’t use space bar or lower row of keys glad for Swype

  • Anonymous says:

    If this “feature” is designed for the Galaxy S5, why the hell is it showing up on my Nexus 5, covering the bottom of my screen? The only way I’m able to get the fingerprint icon off the screen is to log out of your app. Seems like a rather huge oversight that this would be displayed on phones that don’t have a fingerprint reader. Please issue an update ASAP.

    • Brendan says:

      I’m having the exact same problem on my Nexus 5. AND THERE’S NO OPTION TO DISABLE IT that I can find.

    • Same problem with my Nexus tablet …the useless white bar with a fingerprint icon is taking up valuable space on the bottom of my screen when in portrait mode. Please issue an update to the app that corrects this ASAP !!!

    • fewaffles says:

      Can’t dial the phone with fingerprints in the way

    • Getting the same thing with my Note 2. Why is this not capable of being turned off in the Preferences? It keeps covering up the bottom couple inches of the screen, and won’t let me do anything to get rid of it except for force closing or logging off LastPass. Please fix ASAP.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is affecting Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 devices as well. Without a fingerprint reader it is impossible to dismiss the fingerprint prompt. Was this new feature not tested with devices other than the SGS5?

      It is possible to get rid of the overlay (probably only temporarily) by going into Settings -> Apps, swiping into the Running Apps tab, opening LastPass and tapping Stop on the FloatingFingerprintOverlayWindow service.

    • Anonymous says:

      This was very annoying, but it’s already fixed (check for updates)

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s on my GS3 also. It took me 1/2 hour of searching to find this post and figure out why it’s there. Really annoying–not a great move Lastpass.

    • Amber Gott says:

      Apologies for the inconvenience, everyone, this bug has been fixed and the update has gone out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Logged out of the app, didn’t go away. Swiped close via task menu, no effect. Tried to install update to fix, CAN’T CLICK TO ACCEPT APP PERMISSIONS AS IT’S COVERED UP BY THE FINGER PRINT. Mother of god ruined my day. Have to wait until I get home on Wifi so auto-upate works.

    • Johnjx says:

      Very bad. It just popped up and blocked the screen on my S5. So much for that option. Reflects badly on Last Pass.

  • Will says:

    Add a more secure lock to your entire device, and use this as yet another layer of security!

    I would gladly use this in addition to the more complicated password on my device. The ease of use would be worth it for me.

  • Anonymous says:

    i can’t help but think of fingerprint auth criticism i’ve heard before

    hey, i’ve got a great idea — lets make the secret key to all my stuff something that i leave everywhere and can never change …

    • Anonymous says:

      Most people don’t use any sort of security on their phones and limits access to password managers with a 4 digit pin. That group if people is probably the ingress who’ll benefit the most from a simple fingerprint scanner. We’re not all CIA operatives with our phones filled with national securities.

    • Anonymous says:

      And we also never check what we write for autocorrect errors…

  • I agree with MMX. A fingerprint does not a good password make. Maybe as a username or as a second form of auth… But not as a primary password.

  • Jacob Thomas says:

    I love it!! Thanks a lot for adding this feature. If the person hacking my phone has access to my thumbs, I’m sure I have bigger problems than lost passwords.
    Also, it is an option so if you don’t think it is secure, you don’t have to use it.

  • mxx says:

    I do not like this.
    Fingerprint scan should be your username, not your password!

    • tom thumb says:

      I love fingerprint lock it’s easy and it works and I have not met anyone who can defeat it. If it’s so easy to defeat how come none of you can actually defeat it. Don’t know anyone from whitehat hackers so no worries there plus I tend to believe what I see just because they say they can defeat it can they really…lol

  • Amber Gott says:

    This should no longer be visible if you update – let us know if we can be of further help.

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