Introducing Support for Google Authenticator

We’re happy to announce the inclusion of Google Authenticator as a new multifactor authentication option for LastPass. With the latest LastPass plugin and a supported mobile device, you can now use your phone in conjunction with your master password to generate a secure key that is needed to login to your account. Authenticator token support has been a hotly anticipated addition to LastPass, and we’re happy to make good on that obligation to our users.

We strongly believe in multifactor as being an excellent way to protect your sensitive data, and so we are opening this feature up to all LastPass users, including free accounts. For further information on setting up your account with Google Authenticator, or running it on unsupported devices, please see our helpdesk article.


  • I have tried and tried to make this work without success. Google Authenticate on my iPhone works fine with my Google account, but not LastPass. It seems LastPass wants me to delete my current GA configuration and scan a new barcode. I do not want to lose two-factor authentication of my Google account.

  • I see multiple mentions of SMS with Google Authenticator, but no mention of how to actually use the SMS portion of Google Authenticator. Any idea how to make Lastpass use Google Authenticator and have it use SMS instead of a time-based code?

    • Amber Gott says:

      Hi David: We don’t currently support the SMS-capability of Google Auth. It’s something we’ve considered though, and may revisit in the future.

  • Anonymous says:

    Could someone please explain how to recover my 2 stage auth if Google Authenticator fails? Cause GoogAuth has failed me several times for no apparent reason and I’ve had to use their recover key.

    • Amber says:

      If you’ve enabled it for LastPass and the app fails or you lose the device, you can choose the “disable” option when you next login to your LastPass account. We’ll send an email to your account email address (or security email address, if you have one set), you can then disable GAuth and re-enable it when you’ve fixed the app/downloaded it to a new device. If the GAuth app itself fails, though, there may be other issues at play, Google’s troubleshooting steps may be of help: