IDC webinar on Identity Management across APAC

With some portion of the workforce likely to be working remotely for the foreseeable future, and with many people doing more transactions online – it brings the role of Identity and Access Management (IAM) sharply into focus. One thing is very clear – never before has a person’s personal identity been so intertwined with their professional identity.

In the soon to be released LastPass sponsored IDC report titled; The Value of Identity in the Digital Environment, research from across APAC indicates that the top business priority is to engender trust with customers. This is a very broad priority that can only be delivered if the security team is central to securing the business from the inside out. Given that people are continuously called out as the weakest entry point for cyber criminals, through such tactics as social engineering or credential stuffing, it would be ideal if organisations could turn every employee into a security ambassador. Executing on this trust agenda would be challenging if people were in the office 100% of the time, but now that people are likely to be based remotely for at least part of the working week, ensuring the right behaviours are happening is even more difficult.

In the upcoming webinar with IDCs Simon Piff (Vice President of Security Practice), we will explore in detail the strategic priorities being discussed in the boardroom, including what the top challenges and goals are across 2020 and 2021.

We will also look at:

  • The challenges facing the IT security team such as skills shortages and technology,
  • Share how security leaders can take all the challenges and goals and position IAM as an enabler for corporate strategies, bringing security back to the decision-making table,
  • Provide guidance on how to communicate the value of IAM to the board in a language they will understand.

This is a webinar not to be missed. All attendees will get a copy of the APAC report and infographic; essential reading for any security leader that wants to seize the opportunity to bring security and the business into lockstep.