Virtual Panel – New Decade, New Risks: The Future of Securing Digital Identity

We are just months into the new decade and have already seen a large shift in cybersecurity requirements as organizations adjust their security strategies to tailor to a remote workforce. What else does this decade have in store, and what will the impacts be for cybersecurity professionals? LastPass and will be discussing the impact of the new decade on cybersecurity in the upcoming virtual event Cybersecurity & Identity Trends, Unlocked on May 14th.  

Leo Laporte – founder and owner of the TWiT Podcast Network, Steve Gibson – Founder and CEO of Gibson Research Corporation, Andrew Keen – CEO at Andrew Keen Productions, and Gerald Beuchelt – CISO at LogMeIn will be participating in the Cybersecurity Leader’s Panel New Decade, New Risks: The Future of Securing Digital Identity. The panelists will discuss the ways in which the new decade will shape the future of securing digital identity, with topics including artificial intelligence, passwordless authentication and remote work. 

The hype around artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help businesses make more informed authentication decisions. Machine learning intelligence, for example, can process massive amounts of data to learn end user behavior, and ultimately detect malicious behavior in real-time. However, hackers can use machine learning too. Organizations will need to determine how to best leverage AI to help increase the intelligence of their authentication decisions, while also mitigating risk – but how? 

The role of passwords in a passwordless world 

Passwordless authentication introduces new ways for employees to securely authenticate into their work without having to manually type out a password through technologies spanning biometrics or secure integrations. What about the passwords that still exist in conjunction with passwordless authentication models? Will passwords and passwordless authentication continue to co-exist, or will their respective roles change? 

The opportunities (and risks) associated with remote work 

Remote work presents many opportunities for businesses, but it also presents its security challenges. How can IT leaders ensure every access point is secure, no matter where employees are working from? How can employees always have secure access to the resources they need to get their work done? The future of remote work will change even more so than it already has over the next decade, which demands businesses to rethink their remote work security strategies. 

The new decade has a lot in store for digital identity 

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving market, and this decade will be no exception. With so much change in just the first few months of the year, we are excited to discuss and debate what will be next. 

The virtual panel will be streaming live from 4:00 – 5:30 PM EST on Thursday, May 14, 2020. You can learn more and register for the Cybersecurity & Identity Trends, Unlocked event here. We look forward to virtually seeing you there!