Increased Security and Flexibility When Logging into LastPass

Today we are excited to announce Additional Multifactor Options! Working across personal and business tiers, LastPass users can now configure multiple multifactor options in addition to their primary multifactor authentication method for increased security and flexibility when logging into LastPass. 

Multifactor authentication requires two or more factors prior to a user being able to authenticate, which greatly increases the security of every login. Examples of multifactor authentication include push notifications, biometrics and one-time passcodes among other options.  

The primary authentication factor for logging into LastPass is the Master Password. When multifactor authentication is enabled, this requires the user to authenticate with a second authentication factor in addition to the Master Password prior to gaining access. By introducing Additional Multifactor Options, users can now customize which second authentication factor they are log into LastPass with at any given time for complete flexibility and security. 

Users will be able to add Additional Multifactor Options across Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Edge Chromium browsers extensions, the LastPass web login, as well as the LastPass mobile app for both iOS and Android. 

How to Configure Additional Multifactor Options 

To configure Additional Multifactor Options for your account:  

For individuals 

Multifactor authentication is critical for increasing the security of every login, and Additional Multifactor Options enables you to customize how you securely log into LastPass for complete control. If you ever misplace an authentication factor or want to switch up how you’re logging in without compromising security, you can always securely log in your way. 

For businesses 

This release also supports LastPass MFA, which enables businesses to enforce biometric multifactor authentication across all employee logins all with the flexibility to customize – which is critical for securing a remote workforce. Admins can specify which MFA options employees have access to and can both disable and reenable MFA on behalf of their employees for complete security and flexibility. 

Security made easy with LastPass 

Our goal at LastPass is to make security effortless for everyone, in both their personal and professional lives. Additional Multifactor Options will be rolling out to your account over the coming weeks! To learn more about configuration, please see the documentation