Biometric Authentication: Increased Security, Without Increased Complexity

Arm holding a cell phone

There is always the fine line between balancing security and productivity in businesses. IT teams have the responsibility of safeguarding the organization to ensure security, data privacy and that employees only have access to the required resources for their role. The simple answer is increased security controls across every application and device, but at what cost?   

Additional security controls across the business inevitably lead to more obstacles for employees. For example, strong and complex password requirements add a layer of security to the organization, however those passwords take time for employees to type. Time spent on typing passwords or calling the help desk for password resets is time spent away from work, which plays a major role in decreased productivity when employees are accessing a number of applications throughout the workday. 

More Security Doesn’t Have to Mean More Hassle 

The answer to balancing security and productivity is through a solution that’s seamless for the end user. Biometric authentication is one method of passwordless authentication that is both a seamless and secure way for employees to authenticate into their work. Using biometric factors, such as fingerprint or face, employees can authenticate in a matter of seconds without needing to type out a complex password. Biometric authentication enables employees to simply authenticate using who they are, eliminating the need to type out a password and thus leaving more time to focus on work. 

Biometric authentication helps both IT and employees win. 70% of consumers want the expanded use of biometric authentication in the workplace, which gives IT the flexibility to enforce multi-factor authentication everywhere. Adding multi-factor authentication everywhere creates an additional layer of security to help ensure only the right employees are gaining access. Given the ease of use associated with biometrics, the increased security won’t slow employees down so they can keep up productivity and authenticate into their work with ease. 

LastPass MFA offers a seamless biometric authentication experience for employees that works across web and legacy apps, workstation and VPN. Employees can authenticate into all of their work across every device with a passwordless experience. Simultaneously, IT maintains control over every login through contextual authentication policies based on time, location and device to restrict who is accessing what and when. 

View the video to see how LastPass MFA increases security for the business, without increasing complexity for employees.