4 Ways LastPass Unlocks Remote Work

Seemingly overnight, employees around the world, in a wide variety of industries, are working remote. Supporting a remote workforce is now the norm, and employees need tools that are simple, secure, and effective for remote work.  

No matter where you’re working, secure access to essential work services is critical. When it comes to password-protected accounts and corporate apps, employees need a reliable, easy way to log in. IT needs to ensure strong security is in place to protect the company from breach, regardless of how, where, and when an employee needs to do work.  

In the work-from-anywhere era, LastPass is a critical tool that can simplify and secure remote work. Here are 4 ways LastPass unlocks remote work for everyone – both IT and employees: 

Secure access to everything you need, even when you’re offline 

Reliable, secure Wi-Fi isn’t always a given when you’re working remote, especially when you’re traveling. Or what if your Wi-Fi hotspot temporarily goes down? No matter the circumstance, offline access is essential. You never know when you’ll need a password or PIN.  

That’s why LastPass has a local backup that can be accessed when you’re offline, without an Internet connection. Whenever you log in to the LastPass browser extension or mobile app, a secure copy of the vault is automatically stored on the device. The local copy is updated every time you log in again, so it’s always up to date.  

The same goes for multi-factor authentication – Offline Mode enables employees to authenticate into their work using the LastPass MFA mobile app even if they are without an internet connection. 

Next time you find yourself offline, your passwords and other items will be available, giving you piece of mind while working remote. 

Secure credential sharing  

Sharing passwords and account logins is common in the workplace. Unfortunately, that need still exists even when employees aren’t in the office. Having a way to securely share passwords is even more important when employees are remote, so they don’t turn to unsafe sharing in text messages, emails, or Excel spreadsheets.   

LastPass facilitates secure, remote password sharing that makes it easy for multiple people to access the same account. Logins can be shared in a way that masks a password or gives the recipient the ability to view and edit the password. Managers have oversight of shared accounts, and login events are tied to individuals to maintain accountability. No matter where employees are working, you can send and receive shared passwords, so everyone has the access they need to get their work done. 

LastPass can help you share personal credentials, too! Whether you need to share the Netflix password with the family or the WiFi password with your roommates, LastPass enables you to securely share all your credentials so everyone always has access to what they need. 

Free sync everywhere 

Not only is LastPass easy to use everywhere – for those getting started with the password manager for personal use, it’s free, too. For employees using LastPass in the workplace, it’s easy to create a free, personal account that can be linked to the work account for easy access to both vaults throughout the workday. IT can encourage use of LastPass for work and personal access, ensuring that an employee’s accounts are well-protected and minimizing poor security habits at home that could negatively impact the company. 

No matter where you log in, the passwords and other data you’ve stored in your secure LastPass vault are automatically synced, for free. Download LastPass to as many browsers and devices as you need and enjoy unlimited storage of items in your vault.   

Security across all devices 

Working from a personal device is no longer just a convenience – connecting from personal smartphones, laptops, and even tablets may be required to keep employees working when remote. Employees may also switch more frequently between a personal and work device. No matter how an employee is connecting to work, they need access that’s simple and secure at all times.  

LastPass is easy to download and use across all devices, regardless of the service tier you’re using. With the free downloads at LastPass.com or the option in the browser extension store, the LastPass extension can be quickly added to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, or Edge on Mac or Windows. The free mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store or the Play Store for smartphones or tablets.  

For IT, LastPass Identity offers multi-factor authentication that works across single sign-on applications, employee workstations and VPNs. IT can enforce an additional layer of security across every business-critical device where employees can seamlessly authenticate using biometrics, like their fingerprint or face. 

Simple security, from everywhere 

LastPass offers simple security for everyone, no matter where they are logging in from. Employees can securely connected to get their work done, while IT maintains complete visibility and control.  

Discover how LastPass Identity offers control for IT coupled with the simple access employees need to get their work done through unified single sign-on, password management and MFA.  

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