Sharing Passwords While Working Remote? No Problem

If one thing is for certain, it’s that we are all spending a lot more time online. Digital has become the new normal – and whether that means we are working remotely or collaborating online, our lives and our digital lives are now one. The key to our digital life is one we know well: the password. Passwords are even more prevalent today, connecting us to both how we work and how we communicate. But with passwords, come security risks.

Despite all the change over recent weeks, one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for security to be top of mind. Luckily, just because we are remote does not mean that being secure needs to be complicated. Secure password sharing with a password manager is one easy way stay connected and safe online.

What is Password Sharing?

Password sharing happens frequently. You need to share the Netflix account with your family, or you need to give your teammate access to a shared account at work. Not every account is intended for individual use and it’s just a reality that some passwords need to be in the hands of multiple people. The challenge is how do you share those passwords in a secure manner – especially when we are all physically apart.

Sticky notes, shared spreadsheets, emails and text messages are the common ways passwords are distributed, but those mediums invite risk. The issue is that they’re not encrypted, and the passwords can easily get into the wrong hands. 80% of data breaches are caused by weak passwords, so sharing passwords through a password manager can help reduce this statistic and protect your digital identity.

Password sharing through a password manager enables users to share a selected password, or even a folder of passwords, with another individual or a group of users. The user can also decide whether others should be able to view the password or not. The best part of all? All of the passwords are encrypted, which ensures the passwords never end up in the wrong hands.

Stay Connected Online

Whether you’re sharing the Netflix or the WiFi password, we all have accounts in our personal lives that need to be shared with others. A best-practice is to create a unique password for every site, and then share those strong passwords through a password manager to help you keep track of who in your network has access to what. And, if you change the password for a shared account – the password will automatically sync with those whom you’re sharing with.

Collaborate with Your Team

Employees share passwords with team members to get their work done. When using a shared account, such as a corporate social media handle that has multiple contributors, every member of the social media team needs to be able to securely access the account. Password sharing can help businesses securely share passwords with everyone involved in the project, so everyone can securely get their work done. We found that on average, a business has 185 shared folders, so it’s critical for businesses to also consider implementing policies and tracking reports on shared password activity to ensure employees are operating securely.

Simple, Secure Password Sharing

Accessing everything we need online, in both our personal and professional lives, needs to be simple and secure. Password sharing through a password manager is one quick and easy way to store every password in a secure and encrypted location, with the flexibility to share with whom we need. And helps us stay securely connected with others while physically apart.

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