On-Demand Webinar: Empower and Secure Your Remote Workforce

Up until now, transforming an entire workforce into a remote one isn’t something many businesses can say they have done. And, we have learned from experience that the transition to a remote workforce comes with its unique challenges – there’s the aspect of ensuring employees have the access they need to get their job done from anywhere, and the necessity to ensure that employee access is always secure.  

LogMeIn transitioned to a full-time remote workforce over a month ago now, and we wanted to share the insights from our experience in the hopes that our learnings can help make your transition to a remote workforce simpler and more secure.  

On-Demand Webinar with LogMeIn’s CIO and Global Head of IT 

We sat down with LogMeIn’s SVP and Chief Information Officer, Ian Pitt as well as LogMeIn’s Global Head of IT, Jeremy Rafuse to discuss the strategy behind shifting LogMeIn’s 4,000 employees to remote, their learnings on the experience as well as their perspective on how to ensure access and security from anywhere. Specifically, our conversation covered: 

  • The impact of remote work on IT responsibilities and priorities 
  • The security risks and challenges associated with a remote workforce 
  • Strategies and best-practices to ensure employees can securely access the resources they need 

The webinar closed with actionable recommendations on how solutions such as GoToMyPC can facilitate remote access, and LastPass Identity can ensure that access always secure. You can view the webinar on-demand here.   

Tips and Tricks to Enable a Secure Remote Workforce 

We also dove deeper into how LastPass can make remote work more simple and secure for your organization in the LastPass Master Class webinar Tips & Tricks to Enable a Remote Workforce. LastPass product experts discussed:

  • How can IT ensure employees have the access they need?  
  • How can employees improve password security while remote?  
  • How can employees securely share to stay productive?  

You can view the LastPass Master Class on-demand here