Dark Mode Now Live on LastPass iOS App

For all you iPhone users, we are excited to announce that the LastPass iOS app now offers Dark Mode. This feature has been highly requested, so we are thrilled to offer it and provide an improved user experience for all users.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode was included with the release of Apple’s iOS 13. It allows users to view their phones with a darker user interface. The appearance of the screen is inverted so instead of black text on a white background, you see white text on a black background.

But why would you use dark mode? For the creatives and designers, they simply like it because it looks cool and makes images stand out. But in addition, it can protect your eyes from the strain that the bright white screens can cause. Also for OLED screens (which the newest iPhones have), Dark Mode can help conserve battery. For more information on Dark Mode, this article from CNET goes into more details on the benefits.

How do I enable Dark Mode on LastPass?

First, make sure you have the newest LastPass iPhone app downloaded from the App Store app. You won’t see Dark Mode in the app unless you have the most recent version (4.8.0).

If you have Dark Mode enabled on your iPhone, you will automatically see the LastPass app in Dark Mode the next time you login.

To enable Dark Mode on your iPhone follow these instructions from Apple.

To manually enable or disable Dark Mode in the LastPass app, you can do the following actions in the app:

Settings > Advanced > Theme

In the Theme menu, you can select “System Default” meaning the LastPass app will mimic your phone settings or you can select “Dark” or “Light” to manually select how you’d like to view the app.

Let us know what you think of the app in Dark Mode below in the comments.