The Data Breach Ripple Effect

In every walk of life there are warnings informing us of preventive measures that will mitigate some element of risk or unwanted pain. Of course, there are times when there are no warnings and there’s always at least one casualty, unfortunately. But for the most part, if we pay attention to the warnings, it will be to our benefit. 

IT is no different, where notifications to patch this and update that occur on a regular basis. Yet, in some cases it may not happen and the delay or inaction on a what may be considered a relatively simple task can have huge impact on the business causing a ripple effect of consequences for clients, partners, supply chain and most importantly, you! 

No business is immune to a cyber-attack, everyone is a target; large and small.  

The challenge for the IT and security team is that the number of access points for cyber criminals to attack is ever-growing. From unpatched servers to phishing emails, security has a lot to do to cover every eventuality – but nothing can be 100% secure. So how can businesses be prepared for the cyber attack that will happen when its least expected? 

During our recent LastPass Exchange, this was one of a number of topics I discussed with our panel of industry experts: Graham Cluley (Cybersecurity Expert and “Smashing Security” Podcast host), Martin Overton (Ethical Hacker, Forensics & Malware Expert) and Mark Child (Research Manager European Security, IDC).  

Watch this short video cut-out to get Grahams view on Equifax and other ways that breaches can occur. 

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(If you like this, stay tuned for more cut outs on topics such as the 3 perspectives of Identity Management)