3 Tips to Train LastPass Enterprise Users

When it comes to deploying LastPass Enterprise to your employees, it’s important that end-users have the training tools that they need in order to get up-and-running with LastPass quickly.  

The tools required may differ from employee to employee. Some employees may require more education on the dangers of re-using passwords or why a tool like LastPass will increase the overall security of the company. Others may be incredibly security savvy. Regardless, it’s important to consider a training plan that speaks to a range of understanding to ensure your employees are comfortable using LastPass.   

When creating a roll-out plan for LastPass Enterprise, here are three tips to get your employees up-and-running: 

  1. Educate on the Problem: Ensure that you are training on both the problem and the solution. Some of your employees may be unaware at the risks posed by reusing weak passwords on multiple sites. For example, the fact that 80% of data breaches involve weak, reused, or stolen credentials. Include in employee communication and training these statistics with an explanation of why your organization is rolling out a solution.
  2. Utilize LastPass Training Resources: LastPass provides Enterprise accounts a range of training options, including videos, one-pagers, and live training courses. Live training courses are run weekly by the LastPass Customer Success Team and are a great resource to educate both admins and end-users. Admin training covers topics such as configuring policies, inviting end-users, and adding applications to single sign-on. Register for the admin training here. End-user training covers topics such as getting started, reviewing the main features of LastPass, and adding your first password to LastPass. Register for the end-user training here.
  3. Ongoing Reinforcement is Important: Training plans should include ongoing reinforcement after the initial push. This reinforcement should catch the gaps of any late adopters or new employees that may join the organization. Consider adding LastPass training to any annual cyber security training that your organization already delivers or as part of your new employee onboarding.  

Training your employees to use LastPass does not need to be complex. By utilizing LastPass resources and ensuring that your end-users are aware of their password problems, you can get employees up-and-running with LastPass quickly.

For more resources for training your employees, check out our end-user training here.