Make a New Year Resolution to Reduce Risk

In 2020, create an organizational goal to increase your company’s cyber security by minimizing any weak links.   

We know that a company’s security is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, we must ask that all employees employ strong cyber security habits to minimize any gaps.  

One way to meet this goal is to increase your LastPass Enterprise active rate.  Active rate is the percent of employees actively protecting their passwords via LastPass.  

By increasing the number of employees using LastPass to access sites, generate passwords, authenticate, and store credentials, organizations can minimize the risks their weakest links pose to ensure a stronger security posture.    

Check out our recommendations for increasing your organization’s active rate:  

  1. Utilize Federation: LastPass provides federated login with Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and Okta. This provides a simplified experience for employees as they no longer need to use a password to access LastPass.  
  2. Add Single Sign-On (SSO) Applications: LastPass Enterprise includes single sign-on with pre-integrated access to over 1,200 applications. Single sign-on allows employees to access all their key applications after authenticating once. This removes the number of passwords that your employees need to remember or worry about keeping secure. Watch our Master Class on setting up Single Sign-On here.
  3. Deploy Web Browser Extensions: Use the Admin Console to add LastPass as a browser extension for your employees. This removes potential friction by automatically allowing employees to see the LastPass extension in their browsers. Check out how to do this here.
  4. IT Ticket Response: Whenever an employee submits a password reset ticket, instead of just resetting their passwords, train the help desk to set them up with LastPass. Not only does this increase the security of your organization, but it also cuts down on future password-reset requests.   
  5. Include in Corporate Policies: To ensure that the importance of password security is communicated to your employees, add LastPass to your corporate security policy. This sets expectations that employees should be using strong access habits as part of safe security practices. Read our sample policy language here.

For more ideas on how to improve your company’s security through active rate, check out our Master Class on driving end-user adoption and our Admin toolkit.