Join the LastPass New Year Challenge

New Years is one of the best opportunities to revisit your organization’s password hygiene and encourage fresh, secure habits among your employees.   

In the spirit of the New Year, LastPass is hosting our first ever contest among our LastPass Enterprise admins. This contest is designed to help Enterprise admins make their organization’s better password security resolutions stick.  

As part of this contest, there will be three categories that Enterprise admins can win:  

  1. The company with the highest increase in end-user active rate during the contest period.  Active rate measures the number of users that interact with LastPass during the competition, out of total licenses.
  2. The company that has the most end-users attend an Enterprise End-User Training during the contest period. Encourage your end-users to sign-up for the webinar here; we will measure attendance based on your company email addresses.   
  3. The company that adds the most single sign-on (SSO) applications to their LastPass account during the contest period.  Review the support site guide on how to configure single sign-on applications for your organization.

Our contest will run from January 20th to February 29th, 2020. A winner will be announced for each category and receive $250 gift card as a prize!  

You must opt into the contest by January 20th in order to be eligible for the prize. Please opt-in using your LastPass Enterprise Admin email address.  

Join the contest here:

In addition, check back to our blog for posts throughout the month with tips to win each category.    

Read the contest rules here: