All Your Passwords. Every Device. For Free.

We get it. You’re tired of setting up and remembering (and forgetting!) passwords. That’s why we created LastPass. With unlimited saving and filling of passwords that are available across all your devices for free, you always have access to your passwords when and where you need them. Goodbye password frustration, hello online peace of mind with LastPass.

With LastPass, your online security doesn’t have to be elusive or hard to manage. You can use a simple, secure, and free tool that remembers all your passwords everywhere, from your phone to your laptop to your tablet. That’s because we believe everyone should be able to protect themselves online, and passwords shouldn’t be a barrier to that.

So if you’re left wondering how you can improve online security, or at least stop struggling with passwords, without taking up too much of your time or sanity, check out LastPass to see what it can do for you.

Syncing across devices

In today’s on-the-go world, there’s no limit to when or where you need access to your accounts. Picture this: you head out for a long weekend at the beach and think, “no way do I need my computer!” Then you receive that email reminder to pay your credit card bill, and “whoops.” That’s a predicament if your credit card password is on a sticky note by your computer or in a word document. But not if you have LastPass.  You’ll never be without your passwords with LastPass, which gives you one place  to store all your login information. Save a password once, and it’s instantly available on all your devices – all for free. LastPass goes everywhere you do.   

Unlimited password storage

You may think you only have 10-15 passwords to remember, but that’s probably because you are using a version of the same password for multiple sites (which you shouldn’t be!). You actually have way more login credentials than you think! In our latest Global Password Security Report, we found that the average individual has 85 passwords in their LastPass account. We know no one can actually memorize all 85 of those passwords, which is why we offer unlimited storage of passwords in LastPass free.

Try it out for yourself. Once you download the browser extension, LastPass will automatically save your login credentials as you visit all your favorite sites. After a few weeks of using LastPass, you’ll be shocked by how many accounts you’ve saved.  

Simplified online browsing

Once you start using LastPass, you’ll realize it saves and fills not just passwords, but also addresses, payment cards, and more. When you’re ready to make a purchase, LastPass will autofill your forms – like shipping addresses and credit card information — making it easy to complete tasks quickly so you can move onto more important parts of your day.  

Dark web monitoring

Think about those 85 accounts that the average person has. What happens when one of those passwords has been compromised? Do you even know if it’s been compromised? We know it’s hard to keep track of where your information may have been exposed, making it overwhelming to manage your own security online. At LastPass, we partner with Enzoic to offer breached account alerts, so you know when your data may have been compromised or leaked and can take the necessary steps to mitigate any issues.

To trigger LastPass to check your credentials, simply go into your vault, click “Security Challenge” in the left hand navigation pane, and opt to run your email addresses against the database, when asked. Once you run the challenge, you will be alerted via email if any of your credentials have been compromised.

LastPass remembers all your passwords, across every device, for free

With LastPass, you can choose the option that works for you. Whether you’re managing passwords and  personal information for the entire family, taking your own online security to the next level, or simply looking for a free way to store and access your passwords on every device, LastPass has a solution for everyone. Get started for free to ensure the peace of mind that nearly 18 million LastPass users already have today!

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  • Aqib says:

    lastpass has always there for me, been using lastpass from last 1 year and i’m very much satisfied with the service you guy’s are providing.