Passwordless Authentication with Google’s Pixel 4

Update 1/6/2020: Face unlock is now available for the LastPass MFA app on Pixel 4! This release enables Pixel 4 users to select Pixel 4’s face unlock technology as a multi-authentication option to log into your work. The LastPass MFA app is included in both the LastPass MFA and LastPass Identity business packages.

Update 10/24/2019: Face unlock is now available for the LastPass Password Manager app on Pixel 4. When you download and open the LastPass app on your new Pixel 4, you will be prompted to enable biometrics. From then on every time you open the LastPass app or fill a password or username on a mobile app or site with LastPass, you can authenticate with your face!

If you already downloaded the app on your new Pixel 4 before our 10/24 app release, please be sure to download the latest LastPass app and ensure biometrics is enabled in your settings.

Today we are excited to announce LastPass’ future support for face unlock authentication through Google’s Pixel 4 Android smartphone for all our customers, both business and consumer. Google’s Pixel 4 offers a passwordless solution that enables users to authenticate into their applications using facial recognition as opposed to a traditional username and password, providing a more seamless login experience for users coupled with higher levels of security. Our customers who use a Google Pixel 4 device will soon be able to authenticate into LastPass using the Pixel 4’s facial recognition technology.

Google’s Pixel 4 announcement today demonstrates a large step towards enabling a passwordless experience for end users, and we are excited to offer future support for Google along this journey.

Why Go Passwordless?

Passwords are the root cause for 80% of all data breaches today and continue to cause significant frustrations. Passwordless technologies, specifically in the form of biometric authentication, allow users to securely log into their applications using their biometrics such as their face unlock, without ever needing to type a password.

A biometric factor helps ensure the user is who they claim to be and offers a more streamlined user experience than typing out a complex, strong password. The benefits of going passwordless meet at the intersection of convenience and security: users receive the user experience they want, all with the security they need.

Passwordless Face Unlock with LastPass

This past June, LastPass announced an expanded business suite of identity solutions for businesses to address their identity and access management challenges, which includes the introduction of LastPass MFA. LastPass MFA offers a passwordless experience for employees through biometrics, and with the future support of Google’s Pixel 4, will offer expanded methods for business authentication.

Consumers will also soon be able to authenticate into the LastPass password manager mobile application using face unlock on their Pixel 4 device, in addition to touch ID.

Whether you’re using your phone for personal or work apps, all you need is your face to get secure and streamlined access. Learn more about the LastPass password manager here. For businesses, discover how LastPass Identity offers unified visibility and control over every access point.