Get to Know Our New Identity Solutions for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

By October 28, 2019 Business No Comments

With National Cyber Security Awareness Month underway, now is the time to take a closer look at the security challenges your company is facing. Are weak passwords still the norm? Are insecure access controls putting your business at risk of a data breach? Is IT struggling to gain control and oversight of employee access to apps and resources across the business? If so, we invite you to explore the new suite of identity solutions offered by LastPass and see how we can help you better secure your business.

More than Business Password Management

For over a decade, LastPass has been the leader in password management for businesses and consumers. With a secure vault to manage all credentials and autofill every login, LastPass has made it easy for millions to improve their password security – and safeguard their digital profile.

However, we learned from our customers that many organizations were using LastPass as their first step in managing their user identities. Businesses were using LastPass not only to securely manage passwords, but to complement their single sign-on (SSO) solution, identify which users are accessing which resources, and begin to deploy two-factor authentication (2FA). That’s why this year, we expanded our suite of business solutions to comprehensively address all identity, access and authentication challenges faced by organizations worldwide.

Address Access, Authentication and Identity Challenges with LastPass

The right solution for your business will depend on the unique challenges your organization faces, and the gaps in the technologies you already have in place. Below are a few helpful resources to learn more about our business solutions, and how LastPass can help you gain complete security and visibility into every user and access point:


How do you know only the right employees are able to access only the resources required for their role? An access solution offers IT the control to control access rights across the organization, while employees seamlessly access their work. Learn how LastPass securely manages every access point through enterprise password management and single sign-on:


How can you prove you are who you say you are before gaining access to specific resources? An authentication solution verifies whether a user is legitimate prior to granting access, giving IT the confidence that only the right employees are logging in. Discover how LastPass MFA balances security and ease of use with biometric authentication for your employees by viewing the resources below:


How can you manage your employees throughout the entire workday with unified visibility and control? An identity solution centralizes access and authentication so IT can securely manage and monitor employee login activity throughout the organization. See how LastPass Identity offers unified visibility and control over every access point, user and device: