Expanding the LastPass Portfolio of Federated Identity Providers

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At LastPass, we are focused on addressing our business customer’s access and authentication challenges in a simple and secure way. One way in which we are doing so is by building an identity solution that integrates with your current IT infrastructure, so you can leverage LastPass in alignment with the security tools that you are already using.

Our current portfolio of federated login integrations includes Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, and we are excited to add Okta to that list. Beginning today, all customers of LastPass Enterprise and LastPass Identity who are using Okta as their identity provider will be able to federate LastPass into Okta for automated user provisioning and deprovisioning, the elimination of the LastPass Master Password and simplified user access.

You can view the detailed documentation here to enable Okta federation for your LastPass Enterprise or LastPass Identity account.

Flexibility to Integrate, Regardless of Your Identity Provider

When it comes to improving security without impacting your user experience, a seamless login experience without the frustration of a password is key. Federation securely connects an identity provider (such as Otka) to a service provider (in this case, LastPass), so that the password of the service provider is eliminated. 

The benefits of federation span across security and ease of use, for both IT and employees. First from a security perspective, IT reaps the benefits of eliminating additional passwords and thus eliminating password related risk. In addition, the federation between an identity provider and a service provider establish a secure integration between the solutions, for increased visibility and control across the products.

From a user experience perspective, employees never have to type the LastPass Master Password which eliminates password frustrations and boosts productivity, while IT can automate user provisioning and deprovisioning to eliminate manual onboarding and offboarding tasks.

Is Federation Right for My Business?

An identity provider is the centralized location where IT manages access and authentication for employees, such as assigning applications, enforcing multifactor authentication, and ensuring employees are who they say they are. Federation helps simplify access for organizations who are using an identity provider other than LastPass such as Active Directory, Azure Active Directory or Okta. Federation with LastPass is a great option for businesses with one of these tools already in place.

However, LastPass Identity can also be an identity provider to manage access and authentication for employees. LastPass Identity offers unified single sign-on, password management and multifactor authentication, which is a great option for organizations without an identity provider in place.

The LastPass vision is to simplify security for everyone, regardless of how you manage identity in your organization. The choice is yours! Whether you use Okta or LastPass as your organization’s identity provider, our mission is to deliver a flexible solution to simplify access across your business.

We are excited to deliver a new way for our customers to simplify access, and to continue building LastPass to make security simple for everyone. If you’re not already using LastPass Identity, get started with a free trial today.