Customer Spotlight: Password Management for All Faculty, Students, and Staff at Deltion College

By September 18, 2019 Product Updates 2 Comments

At Deltion College, a secondary vocational school for young adults and professionals in the Netherlands, storing passwords in spreadsheets used to be the norm. Not only were passwords shared insecurely among the IT team, the faculty often found themselves resorting to simple, unsafe passwords to make them easier to remember. In short, passwords were a nightmare to manage and secure, leaving IT with little visibility and faculty struggling with password overload. 

The IT Team Adopts a Password Manager 

Robert Vos, Manager of Information & Automation, knew it was time to not only improve the IT organization’s password security, but to also create a stronger culture of security across campus.  

Vos and the IT team sought out a password manager. They began using LastPass to more securely manage and share passwords. Strong, unique passwords were now stored in Shared Folders, that are then synced with all team members who need access to shared accounts.  

“With LastPass, it’s much easier to create a secure password,” says Vos, “and be sure everyone has the right passwords at the right time and place, on any device.” 

Taking Password Management to the Entire Campus 

But Vos didn’t stop at improving the IT team’s password practices. Deltion expanded its use of LastPass to all 1,200 faculty members, giving IT greater visibility into password hygiene among all staff. With the ability to generate reports on which employees continue to use insecure passwords, Vos can reach out to those employees to enforce better password habits. 

In addition, the college provided LastPass Premium accounts to all 17,000 students. “We’re trying to deliver security to students,” says Vos, “and also educate them to use the right tools, all without any cost to the students themselves.”  

By making LastPass readily available across campus, from staff to students to faculty, Vos and his team are working to create a stronger culture of security. “People don’t want to think of a complex password every time,” Vos acknowledges. “But if they can create a complex password with one click, they will.” 

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