Real World Reasons You Need LastPass On Your Phone

After I started using LastPass, I was quick to install the mobile app on my Android. Ever since, I’ve been amazed at all the times LastPass has come in handy while I’ve been out and about. What’s even better is that I can do these things quickly and then get on with my day, because the LastPass app makes it so fast and easy thanks to its ability to fill logins in both my mobile browser and my apps. 

Here are just a few things the LastPass app has helped me with recently: 

  • Paying daycare tuition  
  • Renewing library books 
  • Sending a message to a doctor through a healthcare portal 
  • Buying flowers to congratulate a friend on the purchase of a house 
  • Sending a delivery meal to friends with a new baby 
  • Paying a credit card bill 

And I’m not alone! I asked a few friends about ways the LastPass mobile app has helped them, and here are some stories they shared with me: 

“The LastPass mobile app has saved me many times. I use it mainly for secure mobile banking. There have been times when I’ve needed to transfer funds from one account to another while out-of-town. LastPass was there to log me in securely, quickly, and saved me from embarrassment or plans falling through.” – Jeremy L. 

“After my son was born it was really tough to get away. Simple things like grocery shopping had to be done quickly and without delay. I, unfortunately, have a habit of forgetting my wallet when I leave the house. One day, I had left to pick up dinner from a store but only realized I had forgotten my wallet when I was in the checkout line. Thankfully, I had saved my credit card details in LastPass, so I was quickly able to open LastPass and set up Apple Pay so I could pay for my items. This saved me time and of course the embarrassment of going home empty-handed because I didn’t have my wallet.” – Eli W. 

“My dog, Kylee, has her life literally organized in LastPass. Before LastPass, travel with our pup was always stressful…Where did we put the Rabies Certificate? Did we miss a shot this year!? No more. My wife and I now share a note in LastPass with all of Kylee’s vet information. Since this synchronizes across our phones, we never leave home without it! While at the vet, we will take our phone out, take a picture of the updated document and attach it to our note. Done. Kylee’s medical records, secured.” – Nick B. 

“I use the LastPass mobile app for PayPal and Venmo all the time. And for logging in to my Bank of America app. It’s awesome that I don’t need to remember passwords to do mobile banking securely.” – Joe B. 

I literally cannot use any app or website on my phone without LastPass. I don’t know any of my passwords because I generated them with LastPass, they’re usually at 30 random characters!” – Tim L. 

I go to boxing classes and must sign up through and then the gym’s specific page. I am lazy by nature and don’t want to decide about signing up for a class too far in advance. And, I don’t always know what time I’ll get out of work. So, I use my walk from the office to the train to use the LastPass app to launch the URL I need (because mindbody’s URLs are just a bunch of numbers usually), sign into my account, see class availability, and sign up for the class I want. In the couple minutes it takes me to walk from work to the train, I can sign up for the class on the go with a couple clicks.” – Anne P. 

So, if you haven’t installed the LastPass mobile app yet, head to the app store to download it today! Not only will it save you time on little day-to-day tasks, it will give you peace of mind that you always have your passwords and other important records at your fingertips. 


  • Sean says:

    Needs the ability to save new sites from mobile when a new account is created from a mobile device.

  • Saad Yusuf Nabil says:

    That’s true!

  • Stew says:

    Agreed. The smartphone product makes it really convenient to access websites from your phone. It’s gotten even better at recognizing sites and matching them to the right login credentials.