Moving to LastPass? Take Your Data with You

Making the leap to LastPass doesn’t have to be difficult. You’ve likely accumulated a lot of passwords over the years. That’s why you need to use a password manager! But when you move to a new password manager, it’s easier to get started when you can take your existing data with you. With LastPass, we offer several import options to make it as simple as possible. 

Ditching the browser’s password autofill 

Many people let their browser save and fill their passwords for them. While the browser autofill is certainly convenient, a password manager offers many features above and beyond autofill. You may want to take advantage of a password generator to make stronger passwords or need to share passwords with others.  

Whatever your motivation, if you’re ready to make the move from the browser to LastPass, you can easily import your passwords from all major browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Once you’ve created your account and installed LastPass, look for the option to import from your browser in the extension menu under Account options > Advanced > Import. 

Switching from another password manager 

Maybe you’ve been using another password manager but have decided LastPass is a better fit for your needs. LastPass supports importing from most popular password managers, allowing you to easily transport your entire vault to LastPass.  

Once you’ve created your account and installed the LastPass extension, open the LastPass extension menu to Account options > Advanced > Import. You’ll see a list of over 30 password managers to import from. Once you select the correct option, you can follow the prompt to import the data file. 

Saying goodbye to a password notebook or Excel 

If you’re using an Excel file to keep track of your passwords – or even pen and paper – don’t worry, you can still move to LastPass as efficiently as possible. 

For those using Excel, the easiest option might be to format your document according to our instructions in our support article. You can then import the records to LastPass as a .csv file. 

If you’re using pen and paper, the easiest option is to just start browsing with LastPass. After you’ve created your account and installed the extension in your browser, you can start browsing to each website and logging in with your existing username and password. LastPass will detect the new login, and prompt to store it in the vault. Once you’ve stored all your accounts, LastPass will automatically fill them in when you return to those sites.