Authentication Types, Factors, and Policies: Which Are Right for Your Business

Authentication solutions work to ensure that you’re you. For example, when an employee logs in to their work applications, an authentication factor is presented. Based on how the employee responds to the authentication factor, they are either granted or denied access.  

However, there are multiple types of authentication, a wide range of available authentication factors and an array of authentication polices. The flexibility of authentication solutions enables you to customize authentication to align with your business requirements. But, the breadth of authentication options also raises the question: what type of authentication is right for your business?  

Demystifying Authentication 

As part of the recent LastPass Identity webinar series, we hosted a webinar solely on authentication to dive into the breadth of authentication types, factors and policies: 2FA vs. MFA – What Authentication Is Right for Your Business .  

The LastPass product team discussed various authentication types, shared new authentication research and did a live demo of LastPass MFA. A few highlights from the webinar include: 

  • A comparison of two step verification, two-factor authentication and multi-factor authentication 
  • An analysis of different authentication factors such as SMS, push notifications and biometrics 
  • A look into authentication policies, such as IP whitelisting and blacklisting, geofencing and time-based controls 
  • Key considerations for evaluating authentication solutions to meet your business requirements 

In addition, the webinar also included a discussion on new research conducted by LastPass in partnership with market research firm Vanson Bourne, on how organizations are implementing authentication throughout their organizations today, including why: 

  • 93% surveyed believe they have a good or complete understanding of MFA 
  • 60% believe implementing MFA will help improve their organization’s overall security 
  • 59% of organizations are focused on strengthening user authentication 

View the webinar 2FA vs. MFA – What Authentication Is Right for Your Business on-demand for the complete discussion of authentication, a closer look at new authentication research, and a live demo of LastPass MFA. 

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