The New LastPass Business Lineup: Securing Every Access Point, From Passwords to Identity

Introducing LastPass Enterprise, MFA and Identity

Here at LastPass, we’ve been focused on securing every password for over 47,000 organizations and 13.5 million users worldwide. We’ve learned a lot from our customers and the password management market over the past decade, which has helped us build the industry-leading enterprise password manager.

One key takeaway from working with our customers is that many organizations use LastPass as their first step in identity management. Businesses are using LastPass to securely manage passwords, complement their single sign-on (SSO) solution, identify which users are accessing which resources, and begin to deploy two-factor authentication (2FA). This highlighted to us how password management is only a component of identity management, which leaves a clear gap for SMBs who do not have a full identity solution in place.

After months of conversations with our password management customers, a few key challenges rose to the top: simplifying access, eliminating password friction, strengthening user authentication, and managing every user, app, device and login in a simple way. With that, LastPass seized the opportunity to deliver a modern identity platform that addresses access, authentication and identity challenges for SMBs to create unified visibility and control over every access point.

What do we mean by identity? Identity is you: it’s the behavior, devices, access and attributes that make up who you are as an individual in the workplace. Every employee has their own identity and needs to be managed accordingly, otherwise users can access the wrong resources leading to risk and a loss of productivity. But identity is complex, employees use many applications from a variety of devices, networks, and locations, which presents the challenge of how to increase security, without making it challenging for employees to access their work.

The solution to managing identity in a simple and secure way is to unify access and authentication: access simply connects employees to their work, while authentication ensures only the right users are gaining access in the first place. When combined, organizations reap the rewards of both increased security for IT and simplicity for employees.

Introducing the New LastPass Business Lineup: LastPass Enterprise, MFA and Identity

We are excited to announce today the new LastPass Business lineup which brings the control IT needs and the convenience users expect with three offerings: LastPass Enterprise, MFA and Identity.

  • LastPass EnterpriseLastPass Enterprise now includes single-sign-on (SSO) technology, with a robust catalog of 1200+ pre-integrated apps, in addition to its existing market leading password management capabilities.LastPass Enterprise manages access for every entry point in a single solution: apps that are covered by SSO, and those that are not.
  • LastPass MFAGoing beyond standard 2FA, LastPass MFA ensures only the right users are accessing the right data at the right time, without added complexity. Through biometric factors like face and fingerprint ID coupled with contextual factors such as geolocation and IP address, LastPass MFA offers an intuitive authentication experience that’s seamless for employees to use and easy for admins to deploy across cloud, legacy, on-premise apps and VPN.
  • LastPass IdentityA combination of LastPass Enterprise and LastPass MFA, LastPass Identity provides a holistic view of end user activity from a single dashboard that covers passwords, authentication, and all apps in use. From single sign-on and password management to adaptive authentication, LastPass Identity gives granular control to IT and frictionless access to users.

Identity: Unified security and visibility across all your users

Access and authentication used individually each bring unique security and productivity benefits to a business. When brought together, businesses have complete security and visibility into every user and access point. A unified modern identity platform delivers on both the security IT needs and ease of use employees expect, and experts agree:

“While SSO provides security and convenience and is a fundamental component of any Identity and Access Management program, it doesn’t cover all of the apps being used in a workplace. Let’s face it: sometimes implementing SSO with a SAML compliant application can be a lot of work as not all applications implement SAML well. The reality of today’s work environment is that hundreds of cloud applications are being introduced by employees and the IT teams are pressured to achieve high levels of security without introducing complex authentication processes that may reduce workforce productivity,” said Frank Dickson, Program Vice President, Cybersecurity Products at IDC. “Putting a unified identity solution in place ensures all of those applications are “captured” and managed by IT policies, relieving the burden on the IT department.”

We look forward to continuing to work with our customers to solve their core challenges, from password management to identity and beyond. Watch the video below to see how LastPass Enterprise, MFA and Identity come together to deliver unified visibility and control across all your users:

The entire LastPass Identity suite of products will be available in July of this year. LastPass Enterprise will remain at $6/user/month, and the new SSO functionality will be available to existing customers at no additional cost. LastPass MFA is $3/user/month and the combined solution, LastPass Identity is available at the discounted cost of $8/user/month.

To learn more about our new modern identity platform, register for the upcoming webinar Modern Identity: Unifying Access and Authentication to hear from product leaders on how LastPass is bridging the gap between access and authentication to simply and securely manage identity.