LastPass invests in APAC market

With growth comes expansion, and LastPass is proud to announce that we have expanded our global data centre footprint into Australia to better serve the APAC market.

As the number of data breaches grow, more and more businesses are taking steps to avoid becoming the next headline. With each breach making news, customer trust is diminished and is not something that’s easy to replace.

This has resulted in significant LastPass growth across all major industry verticals in the past 12-18 months. To support this growth, we have expanded our global infrastructure into the APAC region, with our new infrastructure based in Australia.

So, what does this mean for LastPass customers? Well, quite simply, it means that now you can choose to have your LastPass Enterprise password vault stored in Australia, regardless of where you operate your business from.

Feedback from our APAC customers and prospects tells us that while our zero-knowledge security by design is excellent, having the LastPass Enterprise password vault data stored in region would add an important dimension to the overall service. And we get it – knowing where data resides is very important and having it stored in region could help the businesses comply with current and future regulation.

If you’re an existing LastPass Enterprise customer – click here to find out how you can move your vault data.

The OAIC recently published the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) Scheme 12‑month Insights Report for Australia. It’s quickly climbing up the list of security industry ‘Must Read’ reports. There are many compelling data points, but one really jumps out. In total there were 964 data breaches in the 12-month period, of which almost one third (304) were directly related to compromised or stolen credentials (See pg 10, fig 5 of the NDB report).

Weak, reused and shared credentials expose many businesses to risks that can no longer be ignored. People have passwords and many online accounts, but unfortunately, they don’t have a unique password for every login. In Australia, the awareness of data breaches due to the OAIC NDB quarterly reports has seen more and more businesses adopt a position of awareness training and promotion of tools to enable them to become more secure.

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