[Infographic] Why Enterprise Password Management (EPM) and Single Sign On (SSO) Are Better Together 

Your business faces many challenges when it comes to safely connecting employees to the technology they want and need to use. More devices, applications, networks and users, inside and outside the office walls, increase the complexity of managing – and protecting – user access in your business.  

Even as cyberthreats rise, employees expect technology to be fast, convenient, and easy to use. It can be overwhelming to facilitate user access securely and conveniently, without increasing the burden on IT or slowing down employees. 

Protecting every access point and streamlining employee access to apps and services requires an access solution that combines Single Sign-On (SSO) and Enterprise Password Management (EPM). 

SSO connects employees to key apps while eliminating passwords. SSO relies on SAML, a secure, behind-the-scenes protocol, to authenticate users to cloud, mobile, legacy and on-premise apps. Corporate apps like Salesforce, Workday, and Slack can easily integrate with SSO so that passwords are eliminated and access speeds up. 

But what about the apps and services that what about the ones that don’t integrate with SSO, in addition to all of your personal apps and devices that you use in the workplace that IT has no control over? 

That’s why SSO often isn’t enough. There are plenty of services IT doesn’t know about (called “Shadow IT”), or ones that can’t integrate with SSO or won’t be prioritized by IT for integration any time soon. Plus, password sharing is a reality, a feature that SSO solutions don’t offer. 

Enterprise password management (EPM) captures and stores all remaining credentials an employee uses, giving IT control and visibility without the added work of integrations and approvals. It also facilitates secure password sharing inside and outside the organization, and creates long, unique passwords for every login in use. 

When SSO and EPM are combined in one solution, like LastPass Enterpriseevery access point is secured, and password friction is eliminated. 

See the infographic below or download a copy to learn more about why EPM and SSO are better together.