Rolling out LastPass? Don’t Miss These 5 Tools 

If your business has made the decision to invest in password management, congratulations! You’re taking an important step forward in securing your company and removing the password obstacles that slow down employees. As you start to think about configuring LastPass and onboarding employees, we want to make sure you’re aware of the resources and tools we’ve created to help you. As you probably know from experience, a successful rollout starts with being prepared and having the right resources. 

1. The Admin Toolkit 

The LastPass Admin Toolkit is a one-stop resource center for admins implementing and managing LastPass. The toolkit offers recommendations and content to help with evaluation, implementation, awareness, and employee education. Many of the resources listed below are included in the admin toolkit. 

We highly recommend admins bookmark this page and leverage the content to create a deployment plan, explore key administrative features, and craft an educational program for employees. 

2. Deployment and Adoption Plan 

Every organization is unique, but there are many best practices we recommend following when implementing LastPass. The Deployment and Adoption Plan is a worksheet meant to help guide you in configuring LastPass and onboarding employees. We help you think through important decision points – like which deployment options to use and in what order, which policies to turn on, and how to create a communication and training plan. If you have multiple people working together on a project team to roll out LastPass, this worksheet can be instrumental in assigning responsibilities and keeping everyone on the same page. 

3. Live Admin and End User Training 

Every week, our experienced Customer Success Managers provide free, live product trainings for both admins and end users. The admin trainings provide information about admin tools, user management, deployment, usage guidelines, and best practices for managing your account. The end user training helps employees get started with LastPass and understand the key features for using LastPass successfully. We encourage all admins to join the training, and recommend including the end user training as a part of your onboarding and adoption plan.

4. Master Classes 

In addition to the live trainings, LastPass subject matter experts host “Master Classes” several times a year. Each Master Class dives deeper into an area of the LastPass product and provides admins with best practices and helpful tips for greater success with LastPass. 

On-demand replays of recent Master Classes include: 

Keep an eye out for our newsletter and blog to register for future Master Classes. 

5. Self-Service Training Course 

We’ve created a self-paced, modular training portal that admins can share with employees. The course trains employees on the problems LastPass solves, and how to get started with a password manager. The course should take about 30 minutes to complete, though any lesson can be viewed at any time. By offering this resource we hope to save admins time in putting together training materials and allow admins to quickly onboard employees. 

Explore More Resources 

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list of all the admin and end user resources we’ve created. The Admin Toolkit alone includes many more tools, such as additional training videos, downloadable handouts and posters, and email templates. Our support center includes many helpful articles on LastPass features, and helpful videos for using LastPass. If you’re still evaluating LastPass or want to convince internal stakeholders of the value of a password manager, our resource center offers many white papers, case studies, and product fact sheets. 

In summary, we’ve worked to create an extensive library of resources to help you at every stage, from evaluation to implementation to ongoing maintenance and optimization. Be sure to bookmark many of these helpful resources and incorporate them into your plan for rolling out LastPass. Using our resources will save you time, help you implement best practices, and ensure you meet your security and productivity objectives with LastPass.