Planning a Trip? What to Store in LastPass Before You Leave 

When it comes to packing, my husband and I are complete opposites. About a week before a trip, I bring out my notebook and start writing a list of everything we need to bring. Clothes, toiletries, technology, chargers, books, snacks – I jot it all down, and start packing a few days before we leave. My husband, on the other hand, waits to pack until the night before, throws some random things in the suitcase, and doesn’t stress too much about it. 

We may have different packing styles, but when it comes to traveling there’s one thing we do agree on: We should always have backups of important travel documents.  

Why store travel documents in LastPass?  

Since we both use LastPass to manage our passwords and logins, it’s also a logical place for us to store the documents and important pieces of information we need when we travel. 

There are a few reasons why we store travel documents in LastPass: 

  • We always have our phones with us, so the LastPass mobile app is a convenient place to store and access our travel information 
  • LastPass backs up and encrypts our data, so we know it will securely sync wherever we are 
  • Even if we don’t have WiFi or a data connection, we can log in to the LastPass app offline and view the data we need 
  • If a phone is stolen, we can log in on any other device to access our LastPass account 

What to store before your next trip 

As you think about planning your next trip, here’s what I recommend storing in LastPass for extra peace of mind and security: 

Driver’s License(s) 

Many people carry their license as an ID while on holiday, and if you’re flying domestically it may be all you need to check in to your flight. Having a record of it is helpful if you ever need to report it as stolen or need to quickly look up your license ID when you don’t have your wallet with you.  

In LastPass, use the “Driver’s License” note template to store the ID number for each family member with a license. Take a photo or scan a copy of the license, then add as an attachment to the note. 


Airport security typically will need to see a passport if you’re traveling internationally, but having a digital record of your passport is helpful if you need to look up your ID number or report your passport as stolen. I recommend including the contact information for the embassy or other overseas agency that can help you should you need to replace a stolen passport or ask for help. 

In LastPass, use the “Passport” note template to store the information for each family member. 


This is especially important if you’re traveling overseas. When going through customs in many foreign countries, the customs agents will ask you for the address(es) where you will be staying during your visit.  

In LastPass, use the “Address” note template to store the location for any hotels, AirBnBs, family, or friends you’ll be staying with. 

Credit cards 

Again, though you’ll likely always have your credit card on hand, having a record of your credit card is helpful should you ever need to report it as stolen or if you happen to forget it in the hotel room. Be sure to include the phone number for customer service should you need to cancel the card and ask for a replacement. 

In LastPass, use the “Credit card” note template to store the card number, expiration date, security code, customer service phone number, and any other relevant details. 

Travel insurance 

Hopefully you won’t have to use your travel insurance, but it’s better to prepare for the unexpected. Whether your travel insurance is an extension of your existing healthcare plan, or a separate package purchased for a specific trip, you want to make sure the information is easily accessible should you need it. 

In LastPass, use the “Insurance” note template to record the policy holder, policy number, customer service phone number, and other relevant details. 

 Add LastPass to Your Packing Routine

Of course, every trip is different, so the information you need to keep track of may change. Thankfully, LastPass has many note templates and even the option to create your own custom notes. It’s easy to create digital records and store attachments of important travel documents. 

You can even share those records with another family member through LastPass. Since I’m the planner in the family, I can take the time to set up the records, then add them to a Shared Folder that syncs to my husband’s LastPass vault. Now we both have access to the records we might need. 

Before your next trip, be sure to spend just 10 minutes adding your travel information to LastPass. Download the mobile app to your smartphone and log in to your account to sync all the information you might need on the road!