Why You Need LastPass at Work, Too 

By May 8, 2019 Business 4 Comments

If you’re like me and you’ve been using LastPass at home for some time, you’re probably seeing many of the same benefits that I am from using a password manager.  

You’ve cut down on time spent remembering, typing, and creating new passwords. You have a random, long, unbreakable password for every online account you use. You don’t even think twice about what your password to any given account might be, because LastPass is always there to fill it for you at the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger. 

Once you see how easy life is with a password manager, it’s hard to imagine ever going back.  

But what about passwords at work? 

But the benefits of LastPass don’t stop at home. When you go to work, it’s not like passwords suddenly become irrelevant. If you’re like me, you need to access a variety of apps, web services, and internal tools to get your work done.  

That’s why we’re seeing so many businesses offering a password manager to their employees. It’s no surprise given that a password manager like LastPass makes employees more productive and the company more secure overall. 

I’ve been using LastPass at work for years. Like at home, I’ve accumulated a dizzying array of passwords. My work vault has over 100 logins, many of which are shared with colleagues and contractors as we coordinate on various projects.  

Without a password manager, bad habits reign 

If I didn’t have a password manager at work, I would likely have a simple spreadsheet stored on my desktop. I’d constantly be copy-pasting passwords from the doc to my browser. Or maybe I’d just let Chrome save and fill my passwords for me. Or, I’d be using my personal LastPass account to store my passwords for work.  

All the above scenarios mean no IT visibility into what I’m doing with passwords. Not to mention, I could be fired or quit, and I could walk away with those passwords. 

Take LastPass to work, too 

If you’ve been using and loving LastPass at home, now’s the perfect time to take it to work, too. Not only will you carry over the same productivity and organizational benefits you’ve enjoyed at home, you’ll help your company be more secure, too. Like me, you’ll probably soon find you can’t live without a password manager, at home or at work. 

If you work for a small business or are part of a smaller team at a larger organization, LastPass Teams is a great place to start. It has simple management capabilities and makes it easy for small teams to store and share passwords. 

Or, if you’re ready to explore a full-service password management solution, LastPass Enterprise is worth a trial. IT gets the control and visibility over password hygiene that they need to keep the company safe, while employees enjoy the productivity benefits of a password manager. 

Whether you’re at work or at home, you deserve to feel confident and safe when it comes to your passwords. There’s no reason you should struggle to access the technology you need to use every day to be productive and happy, whether you’re in the office or in your living room. Talk to your manager today about bringing LastPass to work, and start a free trial with your team to see first-hand what a difference it can make.