Save Generated Passwords Without Fear – LastPass Save Improvement


We’ve improved the way you generate and save passwords when creating accounts.

We always encourage you to generate passwords to make sure they are unique and strong. If you are using the browser extension, when you create a new account, you will see the LastPass generate password icon. When you click this, LastPass will generate and fill in a password for you. But how does it get saved to your vault?

How it used to work:

Previously, you would need to hit submit and then LastPass would prompt you with a pop up to save the password to your vault.

The time between submitting the form and hitting save was filled with uncertainty. What if the prompt doesn’t come up? Will my password be lost, and I’ll be locked out of my account?

How it works now:

Now, when you generate and fill your password, the LastPass browser extension will prompt you right away to save this to your vault. Even before you submit the form.

No more scared seconds waiting for LastPass to save your password. We hope this encourages you to generate unique passwords every time you create a new account.


  • Mike Brooke says:

    Great news. Does this update work the same for desktop PC’s and mobile devices? Do we need to update our mobile LastPass apps on all of our devices to have this new functionality? Thanks Leah!