The New and Improved LastPass Experience is Here

LastPass new UI 2019

The new LastPass user experience is here! This updated look and structure gives you easy access to your digital life so you can store, fill, and share a wider variety of information faster than ever. With the new LastPass, you’ll be more productive—and more in control.  

Check out a demo of the new features here:

Save, Fill and Share Everything 

LastPass is known for saving and filling your passwords, but we also want users to take advantage of saving and filling other essential information like payment cards, addresses and more. With the new LastPass design all of your information – not just passwords – is easier to use and share with others.   

The biggest visual change you’ll notice is on the left-hand side of your vault. Instead of one category for Secure Notes, we now have each type of note broken into its own category – making them easy for you to find and edit. You can learn more about navigating your vault here 

Since many of your saved items will behave like passwords, the experience of using this new functionality will be very familiar to you. Just as your passwords can be filled in for you, so can many items in your vault. Simply add items to your vault and once you hit save, they are ready to be filled all over the web and on mobile.

LastPass Vault Image

All of your items are also available from the in-field menus and the LastPass extension. The biggest change is that you’re in control of which data we fill on the page for you. For example, if you’re shopping online, you will need to fill in your address and payment information. When you click on the in-field icon in the address field, LastPass will provide a drop down with your address and other form fill options. Simply select your address to fill in those fields. When you click the payment section, simply select the payment card you’d like to use from the drop down and LastPass will fill it for you.  

We’ve always let you store non-password items in LastPass through our Secure Notes feature, and now the new LastPass brings them into view wherever you need them, too. 

Do more from your browser extension 

The other big improvement in the new LastPass is to the browser extension. If you are on a site that has login credentials, those will appear at the top of your extension drop down – like in the image below. Also, you can add an item directly from the extension drop down. So, there is no need to open your vault to add a new address, payment card or other secure information.  

LastPass Browser Extension

Your extension will also show matching items to fill forms. For example, if you are making a purchase online and you’re on the checkout pageyou can click your extension dropdown to see your credit card and address information. Simply hover over the item you want to fill and hit the “fill” button.  

So, whether you like working from your browser extension, from your vault, or using the in-field LastPass icons – all your data is available in a consistent way.  

When do I get this new experience?  

Good news is, many of you already have it! This experience is currently available to all new LastPass Free, Premium, and Families users. For existing customers, we are starting to move you over to the new experience today! All LastPass Free, Premium and Families users will be rolled over in the next few weeks.  

Keep your eyes peeled for a message the next time you log in to your vault asking you to opt in, allowing us to migrate your data. All of your data will remain securely in your vault, it will just be laid out slightly differently as described above.  

For those of you who use LastPass Teams or Enterprise through your work, this new experience is not yet available, but it will be coming soon. Stay tuned! 

We can’t wait for all our users to experience the new and improved LastPass. We look forward to your feedback, and as always, our support team is here to help if you have any questions.  

Update: April 2019

As always, we value the feedback of our users as we continue to improve the LastPass experience. Based on your thoughtful comments, we have made further changes to the new UI, including:

– Reintroducing Favorites in the extension dropdown
– Adding the fill option to the new item types to eliminate manual copy-pasting
– Fixing the bug where Notes cannot be copied anymore
– Revisiting the Matching Sites List and offering a better option to scroll through that list
– A better navigation structure for the right click infield menu

A note for LastPass admins: For those using LastPass in a business environment, admins now have a policy to control whether certain note types are prohibited, such as Social Security Number and others that store personal information.


  • Michele says:

    I don’t see the autofill option on the Chrome extension. i can copy or edit but not autofill. Am I missing something? I don’t want to have to go back multiple times to fill in my credit card information especially now that it is 3 layers deep instead of 1.

    • Amber Steel says:

      This issue should be resolved, if any problems continue please contact our support team so we can investigate with you.