A Change to LastPass Premium

For over a decade, we’ve been dedicated to providing you with a powerful solution that makes it easy to manage your passwords and protect your digital life.  

Starting today, LastPass Premium will be $36 per year for new customers. For existing users, your subscription will renew at the new $36 list price.  

In addition to our Premium offering, our personal lineup also includes LastPass Families, which provides 6 licenses of LastPass for $48. This allows you to share LastPass with up to 5 other people – a great way to protect your loved ones! With Families, you can store and share passwords for entertainment sites, medical accounts and credit cards, and organize them into folders by family member or type of account so everyone has the access they need.  

In today’s age of ever-changing security threats, the value of a best-in-class password manager cannot be overstated. LastPass helps all customers create unique, strong passwords for every account, and store them in a secure vault, keeping you safe from 3rd party breaches. Our LastPass security challenge and password generator help you identify weak or reused passwords and create new strong ones. LastPass also helps prevent successful phishing attempts by only filling in your credentials on authentic websites.  

In addition to standard LastPass features like a secure vault, autofill on sites and in apps, password sharing, and free syncing across devices, LastPass Premium offers exceptional features that are becoming more and more necessary in today’s digital landscape. These features allow you to:   

  • Share passwords with anyone: Premium lets you share passwords, notes and other vault items with multiple people to give everyone convenient but secure access.  
  • Protect yourself in an emergency: Make your account – and all your digital assets – safely available to another LastPass user of your choice.  
  • Ensure fast, reliable support: We know our Premium customers are very engaged with LastPass and often have questions to ensure they’re getting the full value out of the product. We push our Premium customers’ support tickets to the top of the queue.  
  • Protect your account with advanced MFA options: Take security to the next level with multi-factor through Yubikey, Sesame, and laptop fingerprint authentication. 
  • Have room to store everything: Backup and store encrypted files, like tax returns, passports, photo IDs, and membership cards with 1 GB of encrypted file storage.  

We’re continually working to evolve our product and meet our customers’ digital security needs. This past year, production improvements have included things like a better mobile autofill experience no matter the user’s mobile operating system and increased security by offering a wider breadth of advanced multifactor authentication options, such as YubiKey for iOS and Microsoft Authenticator.  

As always, we are truly grateful for your loyalty and continued support which allows us to drive innovation and bring you a product that you love.