New Year, New Adoption Goals: Get your Employees Using LastPass Now

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New Year’s resolutions are hard and sometimes we need a little help getting started. This year, lead your employees in the right direction and kick start their cybersecurity resolutions by not only giving employees LastPass licenses but making it a part of your company culture. As you know, each employee plays a role in your organization’s security landscape, and you’ve already taken the first step and purchased LastPass to help them be more secure, influence their password behaviors and ultimately, improve the security posture of the company. But how can you actually get your employees to start using the tool and adjust their password behaviors? Here’s a few tips on how to get started.

Give your users a reason to switch

LastPass itself is simple, as it mostly works in the background via the browser extension. Yet the main objection you may hear from employees is, “Why should we care? Why is it important that I switch my password behavior?”

Anticipate this, and when onboarding employees, be sure to provide specific examples of how others in the organization have found success, or how LastPass can easily fit into their day-to-day activities. Have a power user in Marketing who organizes all their clients’ social media credentials in LastPass Shared Folders? Share that use case when new employees are onboarded. Reframe the conversation from “because I said so” to “LastPass is going to make your life easier because of “X, Y, Z.”

Adding LastPass to your new employee onboarding process – like you would with any other necessary tool, like Outlook or Slack – will also help create sustainable momentum.

Zero in on current pains

When you’re getting started, think about current roadblocks in your day. Are new employees constantly asking for the WiFi password? Create a Secure Note with the details and share it with everyone in the office. In order to access the password, the user will need to use their LastPass account. You can take it a step further and create a Shared Folder for all the need-to-know office information. This will allow you to seamlessly update entries in the future and everyone will continue to have access to the information they need, should any passwords or details change.

Get even more sharing tips here.

Make it a celebration

Once you find your power users, reward them! Hold contests as you’re rolling out LastPass and give prizes to those with the best security scores or most entries in their vault. Solicit specific feedback from your power users as well to find more examples to share with the rest of the company about how to incorporate LastPass into their daily routines.

Hold your executives accountable

Make sure your executives are leading by example and adhering to the same security standards that individual contributors are. As employees are getting started using LastPass, have an executive send an email out to the company reinforcing why LastPass is being mandated. This executive sponsorship will personalize and support your calls to action. We even have an email template you can use here.

Think of LastPass like that gym membership you bought at the beginning of the year

A successful rollout is an ongoing effort, not a one-time event. As much as we wish, we’re not going to reach our fitness goals by going to the gym once and calling it a day. Similarly, just sending out welcome invitations to your organization and hoping for the best isn’t going to set you up for long-term success. Create awareness for your rollout with posters, an existing internal tech day or security expo, or simply send reminder emails to users who haven’t activated their accounts after a certain amount of time.

Be sure to check out our entire Admin Toolkit which includes an Awareness section with posters, email templates, videos for end users and more.