LastPass STEM Scholarship – $10,000 towards tuition 

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At LastPass we recently celebrated 10 years of providing seamless password security for individuals and businesses. Our customers have given us so much over the years – their time, their feedback, their trust – that we’ve been inspired to give back.  

That’s why LastPass and LogMeIn’s corporate social responsibility program, Mission Possible, have partnered to launch the LastPass STEM Scholarship. High school seniors and currently enrolled college students studying or intending to study STEM fields are eligible to win $10,000 towards tuition and $2,000 towards books. The application and details can be found here. 

For any students attending or who will be attending a U.S. college or university, please apply before the April 30th deadline. We want to hear your thoughts on the future of cybersecurity, so check out the essay topic below.  

If you work at a college or university, please promote the scholarship application on your website, share it on your social media accounts and email relevant departments. This is a great opportunity for your STEM students to earn money for tuition and share their take on the future of the cybersecurity industry.  

If you have any questions about applying or promoting the scholarship, please leave a comment below.  

Essay Topic:  

Being in the cybersecurity industry, we’re fascinated by its constantly evolving nature, which can include shocking data breaches and innovative new technology. An unexpected factor here is human behavior. Even when one of their accounts is involved in a data breach, over 50% of people do not change their password. What is the link between human behavior and technology, and what does that say about the future of security?