6 Best Cybersecurity Podcasts to Follow in 2019

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Keeping up with the security industry and latest trends can be daunting, and you don’t always have time in your day to read your favorite news sources or blogs to stay up to speed. That’s where podcasts come in. There are some great security podcasts out there that discuss security news, new apps and services, or dive into in-depth topics you’ve always wanted to learn about. And the best part is you can listen any time– during your commute or even while you do dishes! 

We rounded up some of our favorite podcasts to get you started.  

Reply All 

This is a great podcast that covers all topics related to life on the internet in a fun and entertaining way. While it is lighthearted, it is also very well researched and reported. Start by listening to episodes #102 and #103 in which the host gets a scam phone call from a business trying to sell him fake anti-virus software. Instead of just hanging up, the host begins to investigate this company, even traveling to India to meet the men he spoke to on the phone.  

Another great episode is #97 “What Kind of Idiot Gets Phished” where the hosts deploy a fake phishing attempt on the employees at their company to see who falls for it. You may or may not be surprised with their findings! 

Smashing Security 

Smashing Security is a weekly podcast that covers security news from the previous week. Hosted by computer security industry veterans, Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, they cover topics from cybercrime to online privacy and more. For example, their most recent episode covered payroll scams and the previous week discussed how the US government shutdown was affecting web security.  

CISO Security Vendor Relationship Series 

This podcast takes an interesting perspective to look at challenges that CISO’s face. It is hosted by David Spark, founder of Spark Media Solutions, and Mike Johnson, CISO of Lyft. Each episode includes a segment on recent security news and a segment asking a CISO’s opinion on that particular security topic. A recent episode explored an article about how human error, not hackers, are the main cause of data breaches.  

They also just launched a spin-off podcast that goes even more in-depth into the topics they touch on in the original CISO podcast.  

CyberWire podcasts 

CyberWire has several podcast offerings that explore what’s happening in cyberspace. They provide clear and concise summaries of security news and regularly have industry experts share their opinions. Recent episodes have explored Twitter bots and how they work, tips on protecting yourself from ransomware and more. There’s something for everyone! 


Not solely focused on security, but the Vergecast provides lighthearted but well produced coverage of the tech world. If you like reading the Verge to keep up with tech news, you’ll love Vergecast. The hosts have a lot of fun while also keeping their listeners informed.  

Recent episodes have covered the Galaxy S10 leaks, CES coverage and more.  


Not technically a podcast, but Twit.TV has tons of shows that cover tech and security. Good news is you can subscribe to the audio of these shows and listen without the video – just as you would listen to a regular podcast. They have shows specifically geared toward Android and iOS news and commentary, ones that cover weekly tech news, and many more. Also, Security Now and  The Tech Guy are particularly popular shows.  

Have any other podcasts you would recommend? Let us know your favorite security and tech podcasts in the comments below.  


  • Geoff says:

    Are you joking??! You mention Twit, & don’t mention Security Now?!?!?!? Do your research mate.

  • No Thanks says:

    Suprised Security Now! with Steve Gibson wasn’t included. I also enjoy Risk Biz (Business?) with Patrick Gray.