Bringing Password Management to Verizon Cloud Customers

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Today, we’re excited to announce that LastPass has expanded its partnership with Verizon to offer simple, secure password management to even more individuals. LastPass just launched a partnership with Verizon Cloud, a secure online storage app, that allows Cloud Premium customers to receive a free six-month trial of LastPass Premium.

At LastPass, we’re focused on making it easy and safe to manage and access your online accounts, from any device, at any time. This is at the heart of what Verizon Cloud offers as well – complete access to your digital life, whether it’s a video you took on vacation last year, your contacts when you get a new phone, and now, your passwords to keep you connected to your most important information.

Verizon Cloud is an app on your phone that backs up the photos, contacts, music, videos and more on your phone, making it easy for you to access your content from any device. While Verizon Cloud is a free app, the paid subscriptions offer you additional storage for all of your digital needs. With these paid subscriptions, you can redeem your free six-month trial of LastPass Premium.

This offer is available now for all Verizon Cloud Premium subscribers on iOS and Android. To redeem as a Cloud Premium customer, you can select Passwords in the main menu in the Verizon Cloud app. You can learn more about Verizon Cloud and the Premium offering on Verizon’s website.