Resolved: LastPass Connectivity Update

UPDATE 11/20/18 4:30pm

We have confirmed that LastPass is now fully operational. We’re actively pulling together a more detailed evaluation of today’s disruption and will provide a broader public update as soon as it’s available. Please continue to follow our status page for more information:

UPDATE 11/20/18 2:00PM:  

LastPass has been experiencing connectivity issues since around 9am ET on Tuesday. Our team is working the case but here’s what we can share: we’ve isolated the issue to be a data center connectivity problem – our team is working hard to fix it as we type. Additionally, we want to clarify any chatter: this is not a security related issue. We will have more to share soon as we dig deeper to resolve this. Please visit the LastPass Status page ( for updates as they become available.  

We’ve received many reports that offline mode is working for customers. Offline access allows you to gain offline access to your data using almost any browser extension or application you would normally use to access LastPass.  

The key to gaining offline access in your LastPass browser extension or mobile app is to have logged into the extension or app at least one time while you have had an internet connection. This ensures that your computer or device has cached a local version of your encrypted data to the local drive.  

Here’s how to access offline mode: 

  • For customers on the extension who are not logged in, LastPass will automatically place your account in offline mode and you will continue to access your vault. If you’re already logged in, LastPass will also default to offline mode (no action is needed by you).  
  • For customers on mobile who are not logged in, click the toggle for offline mode on the login screen.  

Please remember that any changes you make while in offline mode will only apply to the device you’re on. For example, if you’re in offline mode on your extension and add a site, that site will not automatically be added to the mobile app until LastPass is online again. 

We will continue to share updates as soon as we have them, and we appreciate your patience.