Android Pie & Autofill: Save time with LastPass for Android

Woman on phone

We announced back in March that with the release of Android Oreo, LastPass is able to autofill in Android applications. This was exciting news, and made using LastPass on mobile devices so much easier.

Well, the good news doesn’t stop there! Android Pie, Android’s newest operating system released in August, improves this autofill functionality even further. We are excited to announce our newest Pie-enabled LastPass app, with lots of cool improvements, is available now.

As-you-type filtering

Between work and personal accounts, sometimes you have multiple logins for a single website or app. With Android Pie, users can start typing an account name, and the autofill popup will filter to show the matching vault entries. It’s a small change that will save you time.


Smart credit card save and fill

In Android Oreo, users are able to automatically save and fill credit card information. With Pie, this process is getting a lot smarter. The system can intelligently recognize different credit card formatting and clean up the input into your LastPass vault. Sometimes websites have dashes and other characters in their payment forms. When you hit save, LastPass will now save it in a way that can be reused without making any edits. It’s a much smoother experience.

Coming Soon: Ease of use in Chrome and other mobile browsers

The autofill functionality within applications on Oreo is great. However, when filling on Chrome and other mobile browsers, the experience isn’t as easy as in-app autofill. We are working on providing Pie users the same smooth experience filling on apps and on mobile browsers. We will report back on timing.

All of these changes make a more seamless LastPass experience, and we are excited for users to start using it. So if you have the option to upgrade to Oreo Pie, give it a try!