Increasing LastPass Adoption at Your Company

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October is National Cyber Security Awareness month and it’s coming up quickly! It’s a great time for companies to focus on security awareness initiatives with employees. One clear step to take if you’re a LastPass customer is to increase adoption of LastPass throughout the company. Improving password behavior is a great way to decrease your risks of breach. It also provides convenience for your employees who get to use a tool to help them remember passwords and login to sites.  

We have some tips and initiatives you can try in October to get your employees started with LastPass. We’ve created a full toolkit here with all of the resources we mention below, and more! 

Start with an invite  

This may seem obvious, but first you need to add enterprise users and invite them to join. We have many email templates  you can use to communicate with your employees. You want to explain the value of a password manager for them and the company and provide the few easy instructions to get set up. This Getting Started video is a great resource to send out in this initial email as it shows how to get setup, save and fill passwords. And it’s only 4 minutes long! And if videos aren’t your thing – we have written step by step instructions for end users to get started.  

Get advocates in each department 

It’s one thing to get your IT team to use LastPass, but what about all your other departments? Just think of all the sensitive information the HR and Finance teams come in contact with every day. We are confident that once your employees start using LastPass, they will be hooked – but sometimes they need someone they trust and work with every day to recommend it before they will take that step to get set up.  

Recruit advocates in each department to talk up the value of LastPass. Have them email their team reminding them to get set up and mentioning a few features they’ve found helpful.  

Also, if teams start sharing passwords exclusively through LastPass, employees will need to join in order to get access to those shared credentials. Encourage advocates to start sharing through LastPass.  

Set up office hours 

Schedule an hour where people can come and work with IT to get set up with LastPass. Getting started is easy and employees should be able to do it on their own; however, having the option to walk through it with someone else can be helpful.  

Try a security challenge 

The LastPass security challenge  is a great way to encourage some friendly competition between teams. Once users have created their accounts they can run their security challenge to see how good their password behavior rated. The score is based on how complex your passwords are, whether you reuse passwords and other criteria. Start by requiring every employee add 25 sites before they can take the security challenge (adding sites with the browser extension is so easy)  – and then have them post their scores. Create a competition between departments on who can have the highest scores.  

These are just a few suggestions, but be sure to check out our NCSAM toolkit for even more resources like:  

  • Posters 
  • Training portal with helpful training videos 
  • And more