Customer Spotlight: Onboarding Nearly All Employees onto LastPass in Two Months

Computer and tablet on desk

At Tessella, an analytics and data science consulting services firm, they’re not just managing their own company data, but also sensitive information and data for their clients as well. One of the main ways they all worked together on that data? Sharing it in ways that were cumbersome and inefficient to operate.

Before long, Steve Jackson, lead for Tessella’s Information Systems team, acknowledged that this was not only a frustration, but also posed security risks to the business. He set out to solve this problem for Tessella and its clients.

Jackson started the search for an enterprise password management solution, and came across LastPass. He quickly discovered the sharing functionality, which allows employees to share credentials conveniently, but also securely. “It’s clear that LastPass has been developed by people who understand the problem they’re trying to solve,” said Jackson.

Tessella made the decision to bring on LastPass to eliminate employee password frustrations, improve productivity, and ultimately, increase the overall security posture of the organization. The challenge that followed was getting the entire organization – about 300 employees — onboard with LastPass quickly and without a heavy lift for the small IT team.

Read the Tessella case study to learn how leveraged the LastPass onboarding program and their dedicated Customer Success Manager to get nearly all of the employees onto LastPass in less than two months.

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