3 Stress-Free Ways to Get Started with LastPass

woman at laptop

We often hear that LastPass users understand why they need a password manager, but they don’t always take the time and energy to get started with their account. Even though they know that LastPass should make their lives easier, the initial hurdle to get set up feels overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. You can get started in minutes and slowly add sites over time.

I’ve compiled 3 tips to get started that will show you how easy it can be. Whether you use LastPass at home or you have a company account, these tips will work for you.

And if you’re already a skilled LastPass user, I bet you have people in your life you’ve been begging to use a password manager. So please share this post with those family members or coworkers that haven’t made the leap just yet.

Don’t stress about the master password

I often hear from users that they are nervous about creating their master password since it’s their one way in to their secure vault. How do you make something secure enough but also easy to remember?

This can sound daunting but think about it this way. You’re currently trying to remember dozens of passwords for all your online accounts. Once you free up that brain space, it will be easy to remember just one. Check out these easy tips to create a memorable and secure master password.

Embrace LastPass in your browser

Many users feel overwhelmed at the prospect of manually adding all their sites to their vault. I would too! But you don’t have to add them this way. If you download the browser extension, it will take care of adding sites for you automatically. Once it is installed, when you visit a website and login, LastPass will send a prompt at the top right corner of your screen that asks you if you want LastPass to remember this site. Select ‘yes’, and then it will be added to your vault. Check out this video to see this process in action.

Over the first few days of using LastPass, your most visited sites will be added to your vault. And in time, more and more will be added.

Create a form fill

LastPass can do more than just fill in usernames and passwords. It can also fill in online forms – like the ones you see when shopping or scheduling appointments online. Form fills can include your address, credit card information and more.

Instructions on adding and editing form fills can be found here.

Once you have this set up, you will cut down on your typing tremendously and you’ll quickly realize how much time LastPass is saving you. Also, all the information you store in LastPass is encrypted, so it’s safe and convenient.

I hope these tips show you just how easy it is to get set up with LastPass. LastPass learns with you, so the more you use it, the more helpful it will be.