Making Password Management Affordable for Everyone

At LastPass we believe everyone should be able to protect themselves online. Access to your online life should be simple and secure, and we don’t want passwords to get in the way.  

It’s also important that your password manager give you the tools you need to protect yourself in this ever-evolving security landscape. LastPass provides a solution for individuals, families, and businesses that lets you store all your passwords and access them whenever, wherever, from any device. Password frustrations, be gone, and enter online security bliss.  

Let’s take a closer look at what you get with LastPass.  

Unlimited password storage 

You may think you only have 10-15 passwords to remember, but that’s probably because you are using a version of the same password for multiple sites. You actually have way more login credentials than you think! Our Password Exposé report showed the average employee had 191 passwords to keep track of.  This is why we offer unlimited storage of passwords in your LastPass vault.  

Once you download the browser extension, LastPass will automatically save your login credentials as you visit all your favorite sites. After a few weeks of using LastPass, you’ll be shocked how many accounts you’ve saved.  

Syncing across devices 

In today’s mobile and cloud-forward world, you simply need access to your passwords everywhere you go. They aren’t much use to you when you’re shopping on your phone on the couch if your passwords are on a sticky note next to your desktop at work, or even stored in your browser. That’s why LastPass syncs across all of your devices – so you have immediate access to your information when you need it.  

Breach alerts 

It feels like every day there is a new security breach in the news, and we know it’s hard to keep track of where your information may have been exposed. We’ve partnered with PasswordPing to offer breach alerts, so you know when your data may have been compromised or leaked.  

LastPass performs daily checks against the PasswordPing database of newly-exposed email addresses. To trigger LastPass to check your credentials, simply go into your vault and click “Security Challenge” in the left hand navigation pane. Once you run the challenge, you will be alerted via email if any of your credentials are compromised.

In addition, the security challenge audits your password security, identifying weak, reused and vulnerable passwords, so you can update them.  

And so much more  

LastPass offers even more features to make it easy and safe to manage your accounts online, including:   

With LastPass, you can choose the solution that works for you. Whether you’re managing passwords and personal information for the entire family, taking your own online security to the next level, or simply looking for a secure place to store all of your passwords, LastPass a solution for everyone.  

Solutions range from $2-4 per month, plus a free solution. If you don’t already have a LastPass account, it’s free to get started and you can sign up here. And if you want even more functionality, you can upgrade to LastPass Premium for $24 a year.