Seize the Day. World Password Day, That Is

It’s World Password Day, which might as well be Christmas here at LastPass. We love every opportunity to talk about good password habits and shout them from the roof tops. That may sound excessive but new research found that people’s password hygiene is bad. Really bad.  

In fact, we found that people’s password security habits are most easily characterized by ignorance (almost 50% do not create different passwords for work and personal accounts) and denial (only 55% of people would update their password if the account was hacked). The main reason for this behavior? Fear. People are afraid of forgetting passwords, which is why they turn to that same old, familiar password time and time again.  

Today, World Password Day, is the time to put a stop to those bad habits. Take a few simple steps to improve your password security and the safety of your online life.  

  1. Use long and strong passwords; meaning 20 characters or more, randomly generated passwords that contain lower and uppercase letters, digits and symbols.  
  2. Use a different, unique password for every single online account. 
  3. Store your passwords in a secure way.  
  4. Turn on two-factor authentication for LastPass and other services like your bank, email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

LastPass makes it extremely easy to do this and more. 

Get started today!