#PressForProgress on International Women’s Day

 Today is International Women’s Day and this year’s theme – #PressForProgress – is meant to inspire, motivate and unite friends, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive.

Around the world, in cities and small towns alike, organizations are leading by example to drive positive action and change for gender parity. This work takes on several forms and within our own industry it stretches from Vodafone’s ongoing #CodeLikeAGirl program to a sizable women in tech event in London.

We’d like to do our part and share some really great stories and advice from women who work for LogMeIn in Ireland, France, and the U.S. In their own words, they kindly shared what the day means to them and what advice they have for women entering the workforce.

What Does International Women’s Day Mean to You?

Triona is a marketing automation expert in Ireland, supporting lead nurturing programs and she had this to say, “For me, I feel it’s a celebration of those who have fought bravely for their rights or excelled in their fields, and an excitement for what’s to come! It’s also a day when we should all feel empowered and emboldened to celebrate the same-inspiring women in our own lives. It’s a day about friendship, support and acknowledgement.”

In France, Ludiwine works to develop our LastPass business while keeping current customers satisfied. Her advice doesn’t necessarily adhere to a single point in time, and said, “Whatever your ideals may be, stand up for them each and every day, and as much as you can rely on the sun rising and setting!”

Samantha spends her days in Virginia supporting LastPass customers to ensure their success. Her perspective takes both a look back and a look ahead as she commented, “I am inspired by my female colleagues every day. I am proud of the amazing women who have gotten us this far in the workforce and hope to continue the momentum for the next generation.”

In Boston, Sarah works to translate research into fantastic user experiences for LastPass customers. Like Samantha, Sarah is looking in both directions and said, “For me, International Women’s Day is about honoring and celebrating past, current, and future efforts to advance diversity initiatives. To commemorate the many who have come before us, and the many who are still working tirelessly to advance women’s rights, is vitally important. I think that it’s our responsibility to keep talking; we need to continue to engage in this very important conversation.”

What advice would you give women starting their careers?

Triona doesn’t subscribe to a one-time learning experience and noted, “Always keep on learning. Just because you already have a college degree doesn’t mean you’re done. Don’t be afraid to put up your hand to learn new skills, concepts or technology. A great can-do attitude with a willingness to learn and take on new challenges can only help strengthen your career.”

Back in France, Ludiwine advises women to learn from the best, and be visionary, “Never prevent yourself from connecting with experienced colleagues and mentors. And be sure keep your mind open to creative ideas and even a new vision for a truly constructive team effort.”

Samantha says speak up and take a compliment. She noted, “The two biggest lessons I have learned in my career are: be heard, speak up because your opinion matters and accept praise. I am someone who is satisfied by a job well done, and don’t need to take credit, but receiving praise and acknowledgment for your good work is important and shouldn’t be overlooked.”  

Sarah, like Ludiwine, says stay close to some of the more experienced people. “Find a mentor! Whether it’s a formal or informal relationship, or whether they’re in the same field as you or not, mentors can help you grow, both in professional and personal realms. I have been really lucky in my life to have found—and be found—by mentors who have influenced the trajectory of my career, who have encouraged me to try new things, and who have helped me to see and appreciate different perspectives.”

On this International Women’s Day let’s both celebrate progress and recognize the work we have to do to effect positive change where we live, work, or go to school.

And to our panelists I say, “Amen, sisters.”

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