LastPass is Bringing Digital Security to Millions of Families with Verizon

We’re excited to announce that we’ve joined forces with Verizon to offer LastPass Families to Fios and High Speed Internet customers. This is part of a new digital security bundle from Verizon, TechSure Premium, that provides customers with leading security technology and the peace of mind to protect their family and home. In addition to LastPass Families, the TechSure Premium offering also includes subscriptions to Lifelock, McAfee, and Asurion.

Verizon knows that digital security has become part of their customer’s everyday life. From keeping their identity safe to remembering passwords for all their many online accounts, it’s a challenge to protect your personal information in 2018, let alone your entire family’s. That’s why Verizon partnered with LastPass, Lifelock, McAfee and Asurion to give their Fios and High Speed Internet customers a one-stop shop for security and peace of mind in an increasingly complicated security landscape.

At LastPass, security is at the heart of what we do – it’s all we do – and we couldn’t be more excited to be working with Verizon to make it easier and safer for more families to navigate their life online. LastPass Families manages and secures all of your family’s valuable information, from passwords to credit card numbers to addresses and much more. Verizon Fios and High Speed Internet customers who purchase the TechSure Premium bundle will benefit from all that LastPass Families has to offer, including:

  • Unlimited sharing with your family
    Every family is unique, so you need a flexible way to store and share information with others. With LastPass Families, you can share login credentials to household bills with your significant other, while sharing entertainment sites with the whole family – all while keeping personal sites separate in your private vault.
  • A family backup plan
    There’s no telling what the future holds, and traditional methods of preparing for the unknown no longer cover everything. With LastPass Families, you can combine all valuable information, from online bank accounts to Social Security cards to healthcare details, in one place and give emergency access to a family member so you’re never locked out in unexpected situations.
  • Simple setup & management
    With a LastPass account for up to 6 family members, LastPass Families allows everyone to easily store and access all their passwords and information, no matter what device they’re using. The lead family manager purchases the subscription and is able to designate additional managers, as well as add and remove family members.

The TechSure Premium bundle is available to Verizon Fios and High Speed Internet customers today and you can learn more by visiting