New IDC Paper: Solving the Password Problem for Better Security

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Ask any IT manager to name the greatest security threat to their business, and most will tell you, without hesitation: End users. By often re-using passwords, opening phishing emails, and storing data in cloud apps outside the control of IT, the average employee frequently puts the business at risk with poor cyber and password security habits. With tight budgets and competing priorities, though, it’s challenging to find broad-reaching solutions that provide the protection businesses need.  

In a new Q&A paper, IDC analyst Frank Dickson explains why it’s critical to go back to basics. As he highlights, an Enterprise Password Management (EPM) solution is one of the biggest “bang for your buck” in security. Despite the sophisticated measures that businesses are putting in place, as Dickson points out, the reality is that something as fundamentally simple as the password is still tripping them up. 

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There are many ways businesses are trying to tackle these security challenges. Multi-factor authentication (MFA), Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions, Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions, and even strict password rotation policies are all ways businesses have attempted to address the password problem. 

But as Dickson notes, these tools are often not comprehensive, and leave critical security gaps that employees are not adequately equipped to address. The gap is evident in the number of companies that continue to experience devastating breaches.

In this Q&A paper, hear Dickson’s thoughts on: 

  • Why password security should be a top priority 
  • The importance of a strong security foundation and doing the basics well 
  • Where EPM fits alongside other security solutions 
  • Benefits beyond security that businesses can expect from an EPM solution 

This new analyst paper from IDC helps businesses and IT leaders elevate the conversation around password security and prioritize a return to the basics for better protection against today’s leading threats. 

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