[WEBINAR] Policies Best Practices from a LastPass Expert

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If you work in IT, you and your team can sometimes get a bad rap. People often think you’re too slow (“Why haven’t you already fixed this?!”) or too intrusive (“What do you mean I have to do it that way?!”). The entire organization depends on you to keep things running smoothly and solve their problems, while giving you little credit for the hard job you perform. Is it any wonder that making positive change is an uphill battle sometimes?

Balance Convenience and Security

Given those challenges, the last thing you want to do is cause an uproar by forcing everyone to comply with extremely strict password policies and a locked down password manager. If you’re looking to inspire cybersecurity change in your organization, balance is the name of the game.

When deploying a new password manager, it’s best if it blends right in with existing policies and the experience your users are already used to. You want to motivate employees across the organization to embrace password management, while building security into an effortless experience for them.

How Policies Give You Balance

The policies in LastPass Enterprise helps you do just that, so you can properly balance convenience and security with our administrative policies.

With a selection of over 100 policies, we let you get very specific about how you want to control access to LastPass accounts, feature usage, use of security options, and more. From controlling when and where LastPass is used to which features are required or disabled, policies give you flexibility in your password security program.

Whether you work for a financial institution where requirements are stringent, or a fast-pasted tech startup where no one wants to be slowed down, policies help you build the right rules for enforcing password security for your organization.

Join the webinar

On Wednesday, February 28th, join us as we dive into LastPass policies. Our experienced Customer Success Manager, Samantha Styles, will share best practices and insider tips gathered from working with hundreds of customers deploying LastPass Enterprise. Learn about the policies that will help you strike the balance between security and convenience, while avoiding common mistakes. We’ll be doing a live Q&A at the end of the session, too.

A recording will be sent afterwards, so sign up even if you can’t attend live!